Comments from individuals who have trained as both Christian Conciliators and RW Instructors:

“Relational wisdom is very helpful in guiding discussions, reaching agreement on difficult issues, and rebuilding relationships that reflect the grace of God and his redemptive work in our lives.” Dave Schlachter, former Director of the ICC

“Relational wisdom has become an invaluable tool for shepherding estranged couples and fractured churches through a healing process that rebuilds safe and genuine relationships.” Craig Conrad, Marriage Conciliator and Pastor

“Relational Wisdom has helped me to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. It has also improved my skills as a full-time counselor, conflict coach, and mediator, and my ability to help others be reconciled and experience the same kind of growth.” KC Dierenfield, Biblical Counselor and Conciliator

“We find that clients need both peacemaking and relational wisdom so we are always combining them. Works beautifully! The practical application plans of RW give people simple ways to grow and avoid the traps that got them into conflict in the past!” Bill and Peggy White, Conciliators and Trainers

“Relational wisdom provides a practical way to help people learn biblical principles for relationships before they are exhausted by conflict, out of resources, and struggling to unwind years of built up anger, resentment, and offenses.” Matt Argue, Attorney and Biblical Conciliator

“I have found RW principles to be extremely helpful in biblical peacemaking work as practical tools for parties seeking to apply the 1st G question, ‘How can I please and honor God in this situation?’” Lynn Pace, former Director of the ICC

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