David Kelly


In order to be included in RW360’s Directory, this individual has fulfilled and affirmed these training and accountability requirements.


Advanced RW Instructor, Advanced RW Coach

Coaching/Conciliation Focus Areas:

  • Business
  • Church
  • Non-profit
  • Christian School

About David Kelly

David began working as a counselor with a national non-profit for children-at-risk in 1999. In 2004 he began working for Wells Fargo. In 2008 he moved into a Learning and Development role as a certified corporate facilitator.

During this time David delivered a variety of training content, including Gallup, Achieve Global and PACE workshops. In 2014 he was promoted to a Vice President of Learning and Development Manager role, where he focused on providing learning solutions to improve talent development, team member engagement and retention. He especially enjoyed focusing on providing tactical support in areas of learning related to resource coordination, processes, project management and initiative development.

David joined RW360 in 2020 to guide the expansion of our training program during the COVID crisis, which served over 4,000 pastors, healthcare workers, law enforcement and military personnel and other stressed individuals. In 2022, he stepped down from RW360 to serve as the office manager of a surgical center, but he still works part-time supporting the IT needs of RW360. David also serves as an elder at his church and is the director of its small group ministries. He has been married to Amanda since 1999 and has two teenage children

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