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This Course Has Been Replaced.

Our original 101/102 Discovering RW online video series has been replaced by a new online interactive learning management system. Therefore we have stopped taking registrations for the existing 101/102 courses and deactivated the related links on this page. If you had previously paid the registration fee for the 101/102 video series or a live RW seminar, you may request a scholarship to the new online course.


These seven video presentations by Ken Sande provide an introduction to the foundational principles of relational wisdom. When used in conjunction with the RW Personal Study Course, this training can launch you on a life-long journey of deepening and enriching your relationship with God and the people around you.

Part’s 1 and 2 describe the benefits of learning relational wisdom and the challenge of mastering emotions. Part 3 sets forth the theological foundation for RW. Parts 4 and 5 provide practical acrostics for practicing RW and peacemaking in daily life. Finally, Part 6 describes the link between RW and the gospel and shows how to begin improving your relational skills. Total viewing time is five hours.

Training Endorsements

RW training is being applied in a wide variety of settings, including churches, Christian-owned businesses, mission teams, pregnancy centers, and on military bases. It has also been approved for continuing education credits by the Association of Christian Schools International. To see a sample of the feedback we’ve received, click here.

Access Fee, Passes and Scholarships

We invite you to watch the first three videos as our guest so you can personally evaluate this material. If you find the concepts to be of value and would like to watch the rest of the seminar, we request that you pay a $25 access fee by going to our Training Registration page and registering for “101 Discovering Relational Wisdom Seminar – Live and Online Videos,” which will result in your receiving an email with a personal access code for the last four videos.

Couples may watch the videos together without paying an additional fee. When a group views the videos together, we ask that each individual or couple pay the $25 access fee. (Please contact RW360 to discuss group discounts.)

You may obtain a free pass to view the entire seminar if: (1) you had begun to viewing the videos while they were all free, (2) you have previously paid the regular fee to attend a live seminar, or (3) you have been accepted into our Advanced Training Program. Click here to request a pass.

If you would find it difficult to pay the full access fee, you may request a scholarship by submitting this form.

Study with Your Friends

The most effective way to learn and practice relational wisdom is to invite one or more of your friends to study this material with you. A team approach will give you the opportunity to pray together, discuss challenging concepts, and encourage and hold one another accountable as you seek to apply these concepts with specific people in your lives.

One of the best ways to study these concepts with others is to work through the free 102 RW Personal Study Course together.

Supplemental Movie Clips

Each of these teaching videos includes short Hollywood movie clips that are not imbedded within the teaching videos because of copyright limitations in our license with WingClips. You may still view each clip, however, simply by pausing the teaching video and clicking on the referenced clips below the primary video screen.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you may need to click on the title of the supplemental clip, which will take you directly to the Wingclips website to view the clip.

Free Seminar Study Guide

Before starting the first video, please download a copy of the Seminar Study Guide so you can take notes as you study the material. You can also download a one page summary sheet to use as a handy reminder or teaching tool as you begin to share relational wisdom with others.

Advanced Training

After you’ve completed these videos, we invite you to go on for Advanced Training as an Approved RW Presenter or Certified RW Instructor, which will enable you to lead Bible studies, Sunday school classes, or full seminars on relational wisdom.

Part 1 Pursuing Relational Wisdom (34 min)
Part 2 The Challenge of Emotions (30 min)
Part 3 Defining Relational Wisdom (53 min)
Part 4a Applying Relational Wisdom (50 min)
Part 4b Applying Relational Wisdom (63 min)
Part 5 Relational Peacemaking (34 min)
Part 6 Improving Relational Wisdom (28 min)

We are deeply thankful to the media team at Cornerstone Church in San Francisco for graciously recording and editing these videos in March, 2014.

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