“Ken Sande’s relational wisdom is biblically saturated and richly illustrated, and provides an invaluable resource to everyone in the church who cares about healthier relationships.” ­

Rankin Wilbourne, Sr. Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church, Los Angeles

“We are so grateful for your sharing with Missouri Baptists. Your message was powerful, and in the context of broken relationships, you spoke the truth.”

Dr. John Yeats, Executive Director, Missouri Baptist Convention

“Our Marriage Ministry staff and volunteer leaders were inspired by the training on relational wisdom, which has increased our effectiveness as we lead others with greater empathy and understanding.”

Gayle DiMartino, Marriage Ministry Director, Willow Creek Community Church

“Ken Sande challenges us to act redemptively in a culture of enmity and shows us how to do this in our relationships with one another.”

Timothy George, Executive Editor, Christianity Today

“Ken has thought biblically and deeply about relationships, with a profound understanding of human nature. So his work makes “triperspectival” theology far more insightful and practical. I urge everyone to take advantage of his seminars and materials.”

Dr. John Frame, Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Two things about relational wisdom really help me with my siblings. The SOG plan is easy to remember and reminds me to be self-aware, other-aware and God-aware. The Seven A’s of Confession help me to admit I’m wrong when I’m in conflict.”

Elizabeth, age 10

“The ripple effect of Ken Sande’s relational wisdom training, fueled by the Spirit, will be experienced by our ministry on a global scale for the gladness and glory of God.”

Susie Rowan, Executive Director, Bible Study Fellowship

“Ken Sande’s teaching on relational wisdom created the perfect presentation for our regional school leader’s conference. Program directors, senior leaders and board members all left the event with meaningful, biblical and relational tools to lead stronger and communicate better. It was one of the finest presentations we have ever hosted.”

Jerome Bowen, Senior Director, Association of Christian Schools International, Rocky Mountain / Western Region

“Of people alive and writing today, I know of no more reliable guide for peacemaking in church and family than Ken Sande.”

Dr. John Piper, pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church

Relational wisdom equips believers to deal honestly, biblically, and lovingly with one another at work, home and in the church.

Rhonda Dailey, Director for Human Resources, Christian and Missionary Alliance

“The Peacemaker is a practical and faithful primer for how obedience to God’s Word can change deadlock into restoration in families, churches, workplaces, neighborhoods, and even prisons.”

Chuck Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship

“Practical, biblical wisdom, written by a man who has lived out these principles as a lawyer and leader in his church.”

Mark Dever, pastor, Capital Hills Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

“The Peacemaker is a rich source of practical, biblical guidance for resolving every type of conflict.”

Dr. Tony Evans, pastor, Oakcliff Bible Church

“RW360’s training is outstanding and provides an invaluable resource that seminaries can use to equip young pastors with the interpersonal skills they need to love and shepherd their people.”

Dr. James Coffield, Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“RW360’s training is invaluable for both conflict resolution and, more importantly, conflict prevention. Building healthy relationships can save us from many hours of peacemaking!”

Randall Bach, President, Open Bible Churches

“The most thorough and comprehensive guide to resolving conflict I have ever read.”

Josh McDowell, international speaker and author


Our Vision

RW360’s vision is that Christians around the world would draw others to Christ by developing relationships that are astonishingly loving, united, joyful, durable, creative and fruitful.

Our Mission

RW360’s mission is to equip Christians to develop strong, enduring and appealing relationships that display the love of Jesus Christ and the transforming power of his gospel.

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