Custom Training | Presbyterian Church in America | Birmingham, AL | By Ken Sande


June 17, 2020 @ 12:49 am – June 19, 2020 @ 1:49 am

Custom training for the 2020 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in American.

Church Discipline: The Good, the Bad and the Clumsy – Scripture presents discipline as an act of redeeming love. This process is often tainted by sin, however, resulting in harsh confrontations, hardened hearts and long judicial battles, robbing it of its redemptive purposes. In this workshop we will dissect actual discipline cases to illustrate how churches and presbyteries sometimes abuse this process, how well-intended elders can clumsily inflict needless discouragement on erring saints, and how wise elders can carry out discipline in a way that models Christ-like shepherding, promotes authentic repentance, avoids legal liability and exalts the hope-giving and restoring power of the gospel.

Relational CPR (Conflict Prevention and Resolution) for Your Church – Peacemakers are people who breathe grace. This workshop will introduce a new generation of resources that integrate relational wisdom, biblical peacemaking and Christian conciliation. Churches can use these tools to strengthen the relational skills of their members and develop an in-house capacity to resolve conflicts through personal peacemaking, conflict coaching and biblical mediation. In addition to reducing conflict in the church and in members’ families, these tools can be use evangelistically as members take them into the workplace and model skills that enhance their witness by revealing the peacemaking power of the gospel.


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