Ken Sande


Billings, Montana

Chip Zimmer

Vice President 

Billings, Montana

David Kelly

Chief Operating Officer 

Billings, Montana

Jeff Sande

Financial Specialist

Arlington, Virginia


Corlette Sande

Director of Ministry Relations

Billings, Montana

David Schlachter

Senior Ministry Consultant for Conciliation Services

Portland, Oregon 

Paul Cornwell

Senior Ministry Consultant for Conciliation Services and Pastoral Care

Portland, Oregon 

Allison Pickering

Senior Ministry Consultant for Conciliation Services.

Portland, Oregon 


Megan Seader

Data Processing Specialist

Billings, Montana

Our Vision

RW360’s vision is that Christians around the world would draw others to Christ by developing relationships that are astonishingly loving, united, joyful, durable, creative and fruitful.

Our Mission

RW360’s mission is to equip Christians to develop strong, enduring and appealing relationships that display the love of Jesus Christ and the transforming power of his gospel.

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