Relational Wisdom for Home School Families

Relational Wisdom for Home School Families


One of the most common challenges of homeschooling is dealing with the relational challenges that arise from putting several sinful people together in the same home 24/7.

These relational challenges can easily trigger incessant conflict, sidetrack lesson plans, exasperate parents and strain the best of marriages.

Wanting to help home school families “get upstream of conflict” by improving their relational and peacemaking skills, RW360 is offering three free downloadable ebooklets, a dynamic Smartphone App and a 50% discount on our interactive online training.

Preparing Children for Highly Relational Lives explains how to teach children and teens relational and conflict resolution skills that promote discipline in school, encourage healthy friendships, prepare children for successful careers and marriages and enhance their witness for Christ.

Raising Empathetic Children provides practical techniques to model and teach empathy and compassion to children, starting at two years of age and going through the tumultuous teenage years. This booklet includes links to demonstration videos, as well as a link to a companion article on how parents can improve their empathy skills.

Overcoming Artificial Maturity with Relational Wisdom shows why many teens are less mature than they realize, which makes them vulnerable to many educational and career problems. It then provides five strategies for developing authentic maturity and relational skills that can help young people launch successfully into college life, marriage and rewarding careers.

The RW360 Smartphone App will allow you to instantly access hundreds of articles, videos and FAQs for applying and teaching the life-changing skills of relational wisdom and biblical peacemaking in your home. It includes both faith-based (Christian) and values-based (secular) versions, making it easy to share with unchurched friends.

Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0 is an online course that you and your children can study individually or in an interactive online group, using computers, smartphones or tablets.

A Path to More Peaceful Home-Schooling

Your entire family can use these resources to enhance your relational skills and set the stage for a more peaceful and productive home school experience.

To download these free resources and learn about our online training, please complete the form below.

I hope these resources prove to be useful to your family.

David Kelly, Chief Operating Officer,

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