2021 RW360 Conference Sessions Overview

Nurturing Relationally Wise Care Teams in Pregnancy Centers

A window of opportunity opens briefly as a woman walks into a pregnancy center for help. How she presents on the outside may mask her unique and urgent needs. How will volunteer staff and client advocates gain the relational passport to keep that window open as they begin a conversation with her?

Discover how training in Relational Wisdom and Peacemaking skills can expand the insight and vital skills of each Care team member as they seek to address a client’s complex circumstances and questions. Ensure that clients complete their visit with an overwhelming experience of love, and kind understanding – a love from God that powerfully reshapes all our choices.

Gain a vision for how these skills could also expand the overall effectiveness of the Center and impact relationships between volunteers, staff, directors, and board members.

Session Leader: Susan Millsaps

Location/Times: Conference Schedule

Workshop Outline

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