2021 RW360 Conference Sessions Overview

RW and Peacemaking in Law Enforcement

Dave Mikulsky (Certified RW Instructor), and Jim Valentine (Retired Law Enforcement Officer/Supervisor) will lead an interactive discussion regarding the application of Relational Wisdom 3.0 for the Law Enforcement community. As these articles show, Law Enforcement is under siege like never before. With record numbers of officers leaving, rising suicide and divorce, relational wisdom and peacemaking are needed now more than ever, both on and off the job.

In this workshop Dave and Jim will discuss how RW principles, such as Hard Skills/Soft Skills, Neurology of Emotions, and the RW Paradigm with Acrostics, can better equip those in Law Enforcement for the increasing demands of their profession.

Dave and Jim will also present and demonstrate how Certified RW Instructors can work with Retired officers and or Chaplains, using a special version of Exploring Relational Wisdom 3.0 (Values-Based) for Law Enforcement.


Session Leader: David Mikulsky, Jim Valentine

Location/Times: Conference Schedule

Workshop Outline

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