Purpose: RW Coach training will equip you to provide two types of ministry. Through conflict coaching you can assist others in applying the principles of relational wisdom and peacemaking to resolve specific existing conflicts.

Through RW skills coaching (a relationally focused form of life coaching) you can assist others in accelerating the development of key relational skills that enable them to develop stronger relationships and “get upstream of conflict”.

A key goal of coaching is to help others strengthen and apply key relational skills so they are less likely to experience serious relational problems that would eventually require pastoral intervention or prolonged counseling (see Guiding People Through Conflict).

Cost: $395 | Study: 20 hours | Application: 20 hours | Total Time: 40 hours

Prerequisites: Complete Discovering Relational Wisdom and Relational Peacemaking courses, either online through the RW Academy or by leading group studies, which are available through the RW360 Bookstore.

Training Requirements: Read and summarize three relevant books, complete two online lessons (Conflict Coaching and RW Skills Coaching) and two online practicums, and complete 10 hours of practical experience. 

Peace Sower Team: Individuals who complete this training will be prepared to serve on a Peace Sower Team in their church, ministry or business.

Further Training: Students who complete this course are eligible to pursue an Advanced RW Coach Certificate and a Certified RW Coach Certificate.

For more information, see RW360 Academic Catalog

To register, go to RW Academy.

Purpose: Individuals who demonstrate substantial skill and experience as an RW Coach may apply for advanced training that prepares them for an expanded coaching ministry that includes:

Cost: $495 | Study: 18 hours | Application: 18 hours | Total Time: 36 hours

Prerequisites: RW Coach Certificate, RW Conciliator Certificate

Training Requirements: This advanced training program is scheduled for pilot testing by mid-2022 and should be online by the beginning of 2023. Training will include a higher level of reading, practicums and practical experience, as well as continuing education requirements. 

Advanced Training Grandfathering: Individuals who have previously completed other training in coaching may use this form to request a transfer of credit for previous training and experience, which would reduce the cost and time commitment needed to complete RW360’s advanced training.

Iron Sharpening Iron Webinars: Advanced RW Coaches will be invited to participate in quarterly webinar discussions designed to enhance their skills through focused discussions and real-life case studies.

For more information, see RW360 Academic Catalog

To register, go to RW Academy.

RW360’s Certification Program is designed to provide ongoing training and accountability to individuals who have completed our Advanced Training and are serving as coaches at a professional level for at least 250 hours per year (~20 hours per month). 

For more information, see RW360 Academic Catalog.

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