David Schlachter

Portland, Oregon

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Advanced RW Instructor, Certified RW Conciliator, Christian Conciliator

Coaching/Conciliation Focus Areas:

  • Business
  • Church
  • Nonprofit
  • Family
  • Employment
  • Probate
  • Organization

About David Schlachter

David co-founded Crossroads Resolution Group in 2012 to provide transformative, biblically-based assistance to churches, organizations, businesses and individuals experiencing serious conflict and leadership challenges.

David has over forty years of experience as an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and instructor, and served as the Vice President of Peacemaker Ministries’ Conciliation Division from 2005 to 2012, where he oversaw hundreds of conciliation cases and guided the development of the ministry’s training program. He is certified as a Relational Wisdom Instructor and Christian Conciliator. His global training and experience enables him to resolve complex legal disputes, church and organizational divisions, as well as personal and family conflicts, and to guide those involved toward genuine reconciliation.

Certifications: Certified RW Instructor, Certified RW Conciliator, Certified Christian Conciliator

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