Global Outreach

Relational turmoil frequently undermines the witness of Christians all around the world.

Family strife and divorce, church splits, workplace conflict, lawsuits between Christians, and clashes with neighbors of other faiths weaken our credibility and slow the advance of Christ’s kingdom (Rom. 2:21-24).

God is opening doors for RW360 to play a role in reducing this turmoil and improving the witness of the church globally. Our foundational book on biblical conflict resolution, The Peacemaker, has been translated into twenty different languages and is being used by churches, seminaries and missionary organizations across the globe. Our primary online training in relational wisdom is available for translation into over 100 languages.

Building on relationships and experience gained through thirty years of teaching peacemaking around the world (see, e.g., Cattle Rustling in Uganda NewsletterRelational Dynamics in China and Peacemaking in the Middle East), we have developed three core strategies for taking relational wisdom and biblical peacemaking into new areas of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

The first leg of our global strategy is to put boots on the ground overseas to provide live teaching, to recruit people for our advanced training program, to receive feedback on how to improve our resources and delivery model, and to develop long-term relationships with key organizational partners (see, e.g., G’Day Mate, Battleground Europe, Blending Soft Skills and Hard Skills in Europe and RW in South Africa).

The second leg of our strategy is to build global partnerships with organizations to help them weave relational wisdom into their networks. These groups include denominational missions organizations as well as global ministries like the European Leadership ForumLausanne Younger Leaders Generation, Association of Christian Schools International, Bible Study Fellowship, Advocates International and Acts 29 Church Planting Network. We have also licensed peacemaking ministries in other countries to use some of our resources, such as PeaceWise in Australia, and Korean Peacemaker Ministries.

The third leg of our strategy is our online RW Academy™ , which enables us to serve both our U.S. and international friends through the internet. This innovative learning management system integrates adult learning methodology (videos, case studies, quizzes, essays, discussion forums, etc.) so that students engage the material in an interactive, transformative process.

Our foundational online courses, Discovering Relational Wisdom 3.0 and Relational Peacemaking, are being used in over sixty countries. We are in the process of adding new courses on church and ministry leadership, workplace dynamics, witnessing, conflict coaching, Christian conciliation and other life applications. To download and translate a complete transcript of our Discovering Relational Wisdom 3.0 course, click here.


Misgana K, Ethiopia

I met Ken Sande in 2010 and have been profoundly changed by his teaching on biblical peacemaking.

These principles have enhanced my work as a Christian attorney. More importantly, they have transformed my relationships at home, in church and in the workplace, giving me a more believable witness for Christ.

One of the principles I apply most often relates to Jesus’ command to “get the log out of my eye” before blaming others.

For example, I had a boss who was giving me a hard time. The tension growing between us made me extremely uncomfortable. Although I felt like blaming her, my peacemaking training helped me to pause and ask, “How can I glorify God in this situation?” I also remembered that even if I am only 2% responsible, I am  a 100% responsible for my 2%.

So instead of confronting her, I went and apologized for my part of the problem, without making any excuses. She started crying before I even finished my sentence and said it was actually her fault that things had gotten so bad between us. She then told me how much she appreciated my taking the first step to being reconciled.

Even though I had been tempted to blame her, I was so very grateful that God had given me good teaching and much grace, which enabled me to restore an important relationship and bring glory to the Lord Jesus.

Jerome M, Switzerland

“I have many opportunities to use the principals of RW 360. Specifically, the principle of empathy. I got into a situation with a colleague a few weeks ago that lead to hurt feelings on both sides. We avoided each other for a few weeks. During that time, I was beginning to go through the Relational Wisdom material. Learning about empathy helped me realize I needed to do something about this problem. People want to be understood. That is very important. I think that being heard and understand is right up there with the need to feel loved. They go hand in hand. So, I asked him to meet for lunch. He agreed. The first thing I said in our meeting was ‘I am so sorry for what I did. This situation must have been difficult for you, and I know my actions and words hurt you. Can you please forgive me for what I did?’ He quickly forgave me and opened up. We spent an hour together just talking and re-connecting, and our work relationship is much better.”

Ana C, Spain

“I have really enjoyed the RW course. It has helped me with so many of my relationships this year. We all know that relationships can be difficult. We all need wisdom in how to handle our relationships. I work in the world of politics, and so much of that world is influenced by emotions and emotional decisions. I realized very early on that if I didn’t learn to understand emotions, I would not do well in this environment. I have learned so much through this training. I have learned to know myself, understand myself, how to understand others and engage others, and most importantly, about my relationship with God and what he teaches us about interacting in this world. I use the SOG plan every day at work, with my family, and with friends. It has helped me improve those relationship and live up to our call to be relational beings.”

Claudia C, Switzerland

“Forgiveness is one of the most important principles in Relational Wisdom for me. As a victim of crime, I myself have gone through the long process of overcoming suffering, bitterness, and pain to forgive those who wronged me. These biblical principals have no cultural boundaries. I love sharing these principals with everyone I encounter and use them to help women who are victims of crime as I was.”

Carlos C, Peru

“As a lawyer, learning about the principals of biblical peacemaking helped me realize the will of God and how to apply that to practicing law. The training gave me the opportunity to share these topics as a speaker to more than 20,000 brothers in over 10 countries. The tools this ministry provides have been so useful and helped enhance my work as a Christian Lawyer.”

Please feel free to contact us for information on how you and your church or ministry can partner with us to spread relational wisdom and biblical peacemaking around the world.

Our Vision

RW360’s vision is that Christians around the world would draw others to Christ by developing relationships that are amazingly loving, peaceful, fruitful and lasting.

Our Mission

RW360’s mission is to equip Christians with relational and peacemaking skills that strengthen relationships, reveal the transforming power of the gospel and draw people to Christ.