Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0 is a live, one-day seminar for churches, ministries, schools and businesses. This CEU-approved training costs only $49 per person and includes dynamic teaching, demonstration videos, small group discussions and practical applications.

Students leave with a detailed study guide, a smart phone app that contains hundreds of articles, videos and FAQs, a personal growth plan that includes practical ways to apply relational wisdom in daily life, and access to $150 of scholarships for further training.

The seminar is taught either by Ken Sande or one of our other Certified Relational Wisdom Instructors.

Sample Teaching

This plenary address was delivered to 700 church and ministry leaders in Europe in 2016. It describes how leaders can apply many of the key principles taught in our full Discovering Relational Wisdom seminar.

Download Teaching Outline:  Life, Family, Ministry, and Witnessing Are All About Relationship

Interactive “ABC” Learning

Our interactive seminars include dynamic teaching, demonstration videos, small group discussions and practical applications to achieve the “ABCs” of effective learning:

  • Affective learning – shaping emotions, values, attitudes and motivations that inspire godly relationships
  • Behavioral learning – shaping purposeful actions, skills, habits and character through personal application and practice
  • Cognitive learning – increasing knowledge while shaping thinking skills such as analysis, evaluation and application.

These three dynamics are built into all of our live seminars. They are further advanced by giving every seminar student a full scholarship to our online course, which enables them to “work the yeast of God’s Word into the dough of everyday life” through additional teaching and demonstration videos, interactive online discussions and practical life exercises.

In short, the live seminar is designed to provide an entire congregation with inspiration, vision and immediately applicable relational skills, while the online course is designed to help each individual work God’s relational principles more and more deeply into his or her life, as commended in 1 Timothy 4:15: “Practice these things, immerse yourselves in them, so that all may see your progress.”

Evangelistic Opportunity

One of the most exciting features of this seminar is its evangelistic potential. We teach practical relational skills in a way that makes non-Christians feel valued and welcomed, and we end the seminar with a winsome gospel message. This approach gives members of your congregation the opportunity to invite non-believing relatives, friends, and co-workers to an event that will not only teach valuable life skills but also, and more importantly, introduce them to the gospel of Christ.

In addition, each seminar attendee receives a free smartphone app that contains both our faith-based (Christian) and values-based (secular) versions of key RW content. During the seminar we show how Christians can use the values-based concepts on the app to begin conversations about RW with unchurched friends, which can open a door for sharing faith-based concepts as well, including the gospel itself.

Many churches continue this evangelistic momentum by sending trained RW instructors out into their communities to teach the “values-based” version of relational wisdom in businesses, schools, military bases and other secular settings, thus improving the relational dynamics of their communities and drawing people into their churches (see RW Pastor of the Year).

Seminar Costs

The cost to sponsor this event is a $1,950 teaching fee for RW360 staff ($2,950 for Ken Sande), plus a $15/person materials fee, plus travel and lodging expenses. If a host charges our recommended fees ($49/person, $80/couple), these costs are typically covered by just 100 students (130 students for a seminar taught by Ken). All revenue in excess of the amount needed to cover these expenses will be divided 50/50 by the host and RW360. More detailed promotion and financial information is provided in the Seminar Hosting Guidelines given below.

More Information

Training Topics:

  1. Life Is All About Relationship
    • Lesson 1 – God Created Us for Relationship
    • Lesson 2 – Soft Skills Trump Hard Skills
  2. Relationships Are Fueled by Emotions
    • Lesson 3 – Emotions Were Designed by God
    • Lesson 4- Emotions Can Hijack Our Brains and Bodies
  3. Relationships Are Inherently Three Dimensional
    • Lesson 5 – You Are Designed to Relate to God, Self and Others
    • Lesson 6 – Practice the SOG Plan
  4. Relational Wisdom Surpasses EQ/EI
    • Lesson 7 – Emotional Intelligence Is a Form of Common Grace
    • Lesson 8 – Relational Wisdom Involves Six Life-Enriching Skills
  5. The Gospel Transforms Relationships
    • Lesson 9 – Relational Wisdom Is Inspired by the Gospel
    • Lesson 10 – The Gospel Penetrates Barriers
  6. Follow a Trustworthy GPS
    • Lesson 11 – One Guidance System Beats Them All
    • Lesson 12 – Glorify God in Conflict
  7. Love Others as You Love Yourself
    • Lesson 13 – READ Yourself Accurately
    • Lesson 14 – SERVE Every Person You Meet
  8. Confession Brings Freedom
    • Lesson 15 – Conflict Is Fueled by Unmet Desires
    • Lesson 16 – The Seven A’s of Confession Tear Down Walls
  9. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
    • Lesson 17 – Forgive as You’ve Been Forgiven
    • Lesson 18 – Win-Win with Interest-Based Negotiation
  10. Your Relationships Reflect Your Identity in Christ
    • Lesson 19 – Let Your Royal Titles Inspire Relational Growth
    • Lesson 20 – Develop a Personal Growth Plan

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