Christian Conciliation Service – Biblical Conflict Resolution

Christian Conciliation Handbook

The Christian Conciliation Service®, a division of Relational Wisdom 360, assists Christians to respond to conflict in biblically faithful ways. We provide these services in partnership with Crossroads Resolution Group, LLC.

The conciliation process is based on the principles summarized in Ken Sande’s book, The Peacemaker, which has sold over 500,000 copies in seventeen languages. The Handbook for Christian Conciliation provides a detailed description of the conciliation process, including:

  • Three Levels of Peacemaking
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Standard of Conduct
  • Model Mediation/Arbitration Agreement
  • Conciliation Clauses for Contracts and Wills

Conciliation and Training Services

Our services are provided by Certified Relational Conciliators™ who have been cross-trained in relational wisdom, biblical peacemaking and Christian conciliation. This combination of skills gives them the ability to provide an array of ministry services.

  • They are equipped to provide biblically grounded conflict coaching, mediation and binding arbitration for church, ministry, organizational, business, legal, leadership, family and marital conflict.
  • As they work with conflicted groups, they mentor the leaders in conflict coaching so they can continue leading their organizations toward genuine reconciliation.
  • They provide resources and training to equip organizations to build a relational culture (aka a “culture of peace“) in which all members are inspired and equipped to make relational wisdom and peacemaking a way of being and a vital part of their identity in and witness for Christ.
  • They help organizations build their own in-house conciliation teams by identifying and training members who can serve the organization as conflict coaches, mediators and arbitrators, as described in Leading Christians Through Conflict.

Requesting Conciliation Assistance

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