Request for Scholarship

Our global ministry is supported largely by income from our live seminars and online training. As important as this income is for carrying out our mission, we never want anyone to be deprived of our Foundational Personal Skills Training due to financial limitations. Therefore, we are happy to provide the following scholarships upon request for our faith-based Discovering Relational Wisdom or values-based (secular) Exploring Relational Wisdom live seminars and online courses at the RW Academy.

Automatic 50% Scholarships for Basic Training

We automatically grant 50% scholarships to the following individuals:

  • People who have previously paid at least $25 for any of our earlier online or live training,
  • Active or retired military, law enforcement, fire-fighting and similar first-responder personnel and their families, or
  • Students (people who are younger than 18 or are enrolled in college).

Full scholarships are available to anyone who would have difficulty paying even 50% of the normal registration fee for one of our basic courses.

We do not typically provide scholarships for our RW Instructor, Coach or Conciliator training, but we will consider special requests.