The RW360 Smartphone App will allow you to instantly access practical tools, videos and guidance for applying and teaching the life-changing skills of relational wisdom at home, in church and in the workplace.

The app contains a faith-based (Christian) version of RW as well as a values-based (secular) version of RW, making it easy to share with unchurched friends. Both versions provide guidance on how to improve your ability to read and manage emotions and interests in yourself and others, how develop authentic, enjoyable and lasting relationships, how to prevent and resolve conflict, and how to improve your work performance.

The app contains an introduction to relational wisdom, simple acrostics to help you learn and practice new relational skills, over fifty special applications of RW, conflict resolution principles derived from Ken Sande’s best-selling book, The Peacemaker, dozens of free training videos downloadable booklets, links to extensive online and live training, thirty-six translations of the Bible and answers to nearly a hundred frequently asked questions about RW and peacemaking.

To download this app, go to your Apple or Google app store and search for “RW360,” or click on one of the links below … and then share the app with your friends!

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