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RW360 training integrates the principles of relational wisdom (biblical emotional intelligence), peacemaking, shepherding, coaching and conciliation. These skills can be applied in all areas of life, including church leadership, the workplace, marriage and parenting, and legal disputes. This training is offered in four levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Certification.

Levels Explained Here

Relational Wisdom

Relational wisdom (RW) is an enhanced, biblical form of emotional intelligence that enables you to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret this information in the light of God’s Word, and to use your insights to show greater empathy, build stronger relationships, reduce and resolve conflict and develop a compelling witness for Christ.

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Relational peacemaking integrates the principles of relational wisdom and peacemaking to strengthen your ability to live out the biblical concepts of confession, repentance, correction, forgiveness, negotiation, mediation and arbitration to resolve conflicts in a way that honors God, promotes justice, restores relationships and, most importantly, demonstrates the reconciling power of the gospel.

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RW Shepherd

RW Shepherd training is designed to equip church leaders with practical relational, peacemaking, coaching and conciliation skills that enable them to strengthen relationships, resolve conflict and promote peace and unity in their own homes and within the families and flocks God has entrusted to their care.

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RW Instructor

RW Instructor training is designed to improve your ability to facilitate relational wisdom and peacemaking study groups in your church, ministry or business. This training will improve your ability to guide discussions, ask insightful questions and assist people in learning how to apply these concepts in their daily lives.

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RW Coach

RW Coach training will equip you to provide both RW skills coaching (helping others to develop relational skills that enable them to “get upstream of conflict”) and conflict coaching (assisting others to apply the principles of relational wisdom and peacemaking to resolve existing conflicts).

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RW Conciliator

RW Conciliator training will equip you to mediate disputes between others by meeting with both parties to improve communication and understanding, promote confession and forgiveness and facilitate the parties’ efforts to be personally reconciled and negotiate a voluntary settlement of their differences.

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Peace Sower Teams

Peace Sower Teams are comprised of volunteer instructors, coaches and conciliators who serve your church or ministry by equipping and assisting others to practice relational wisdom and peacemaking in their daily lives, thereby addressing relational issues before they require pastoral counseling or intervention.

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Practical Applications

These custom training programs are designed to strengthen individuals’ abilities to apply the principles of relational wisdom and biblical conflict resolution, and to demonstrate the reconciling power of the gospel in specific life venues, such as schools, the workplace, healthcare, law enforcement and the military.

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