Patrick Drury

Becker, Minnesota

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Advanced RW Instructor, Certified RW Conciliator, Christian Conciliator

Coaching/Conciliation Focus Areas:

  • Church
  • Family
  • Marriage

About Patrick Drury

As a leader at CRG I am seeing my dream to help the peacemaking movement grow so that more people experience the healing power of the gospel applied to the pain of conflict, working alongside, and helping to develop a team of caring and trained Christian conciliators.  Having 24 years of experience in pastoral ministry, following short careers in HR and college ministry, has given me many opportunities to help resolve conflicts. I began formal training in peacemaking in 2009 and I continue to grow in my passion to see the Word of God being applied to everyday life. I have a deep desire to help conflicted church leaders experience the hope and healing of the gospel through a redemptive peacemaking process. I love helping people find cooperative ways to resolve their differences and discover healing through reconciliation with God and others.

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