Gift of Stock

Note: When you make a stock gift, please email immediately. Otherwise we will not know who to credit for the gift!

A stock donation can be financially smart for you and increase your kingdom impact. Giving appreciated stock may allow you to avoid capital gains taxes while claiming the deduction at fair market value. This allows you to steward your resources carefully while investing in our mission generously. Since the stock market has posted several high return years, now could be a great time to give. Here is the information you need to make a stock gift.

Note: Using the process below requires the transfer of whole shares (fractional shares will not work).

Account Title: Relational Wisdom 360

Account Number: #7732 6249

Clearing Agent: Wells Fargo (Call 855-372-3526 for assistance)

DTC#: 0141

RW360 Address: 4460 Laredo Place, Billings, MT 59106

RW360 contact person: Ken Sande,

Please send a brief email to to notify us that you’ve made a stock donation so that we can promptly confirm that it went through.