Purpose: This program is designed to strengthen individuals’ emotional intelligence, relational and conflict resolution skills by providing students opportunities to learn and apply these  principles in specific life venues, such as schools, workplace management, healthcare, law enforcement and the military. For example:

Key principles are initially applied through hypothetical case studies in specialty areas. Students then apply the principles to actual relational challenges in their own lives, both personally and vocationally. Finally, they learn how to share these concepts and the gospel itself with their friends and coworkers.

Prerequisites: Complete Discovering Relational Wisdom and Relational Peacemaking, either online through the RW Academy or by leading group studies, which are available through the RW360 Bookstore.

Training Requirements: Read and summarize two relevant books and select articles, complete an online lesson relevant to your particular venue, as well as hypothetical and personal case studies. For more details see RW360 Training and Certification Academic Catalog