FAQs for Discovering Relational Wisdom and Relational Peacemaking

Answers to FAQs will be steadily upgraded as we receive feedback from new students. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email your question to mail@rw360.org … we may need to add your question to this page! You can access this page throughout the course by clicking on the FAQ symbol.


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General Information

Can you provide an overview of RW360, such as its origins, resources and training, strategic partners and what distinguishes it from similar ministries? All of this information in provide in Ministry Overview.

What organizations have used RW360’s resources? Our training resources have been used across the denominational spectrum, including Assemblies of God, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Evangelical Free Church, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Foursquare Church, Presbyterian Church in America and Southern Baptist Convention, among others. Our resources have also been used in a wide variety of parachurch organizations, such as Acts 29, ACSI, Advocates International, Bible Study Fellowship, CCEF, Convene, European Leadership Forum, Focus on the Family, Home School Legal Defensive Association and Kingdom Advisors, as well as seminaries such as Covenant Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (see endorsements and past training hosts). The values-based (secular) version of our material has been taught in businesses and hospitals, to police departments and on military bases, and to state legislators and U.S. Congressmen.

What ages can benefit from this course? Although this course is rigorous enough to be used by adults in churches, seminaries, businesses and missions, it is simple enough for parents and children to study together.

Why is a course of this quality so inexpensive? Comparable secular programs cost from $149 to $2,000. Thanks to our ministry donors, we are able to make our training available at a far lower price ($49) so that it is easily affordable to anyone who wants to improve their relational skills and their witness for Christ. Another reason that we set the price at $49 is because we sometimes give this course to public servants for free, and most government agencies restrict workers from receiving gifts valued over $50. Moreover, we grant a wide variety of scholarships (see below). In short, we never want anyone to be deprived of our training due to financial limitations.

Is it possible to receive a scholarship for this training? Yes, scholarships are available for active or retired military, law enforcement, fire-fighting and similar first-responder personnel and their families, as well as for students and individuals with limited finances (click here for details).

In what areas of life can relational wisdom and peacemaking be applied? This material has proven to be useful in diverse settings, including: marriage and parenting, church leadership, evangelism and church growth, the workplace, seminary, Christian schools, crisis pregnancy centers, missions, mediation and counseling, law enforcement and military bases (see personal testimonies).

How does relational wisdom compare to Ken Sande’s book, The Peacemaker? Just as Microsoft Windows improved on DOS, and Apple OS X improved on OS 1, relational wisdom improves on The Peacemaker by retaining its core principles while adding an array of new skills that help people to build stronger relationships and actually prevent conflict (see Getting Upstream of Conflict). Our Relational Peacemaking course merges the principles of relational wisdom with the principles of biblical peacemaking.

What is the theological basis for RW360’s training? Our material is based on biblical principles that are common to all Christian denominations. Moreover, the course requires students to read and evaluate for themselves hundreds of Scripture passages that support the key principles of our courses (see Biblical Foundation for RWRW and Tri-Perspectivalism and Emotions in Christian Anthropology).

Are there any Continuing Education Credits available for RW360’s training? Yes, the Association of Christian Schools International has approved the course for 1 CEU (six hours) for Discovering Relational Wisdom 3.0. We are seeking CEU credit for the Relational Peacemaking course as well. Discovering Relational Wisdom 3.0 has also been accepted for continuing education credits for lawyers, counselors and social workers (see details here). We would be happy to assist you in seeking CEU approval from other organizations.

Can RW360 courses be taught to large groups as a live seminar? Yes. Our staff and Advanced RW Instructors are available to present the course to groups in a live one-day seminar or shorter sessions.

Is material available for non-Christians and secular settings? Exploring Relational Wisdom 3.0 is a “values-based” course on relational wisdom that does not have explicit biblical content. This course that has been well received in business, educational, government and other secular settings. For an example of how these common grace principles can be used to engage non-Christians and introduce them to Christ, see RW Pastor of the Year. We are working on a values-based version of Relational Peacemaking.

What training is available beyond Discovering Relational Wisdom and Relational Peacemaking? Individuals who want to serve as instructors, coaches or conciliators may pursue further training through RW360’s Training and Certification Program.

How can I learn more about RW360 and other training? Email mail@rw360.org with your questions.

Study Questions

How long should I expect to spend on each lesson? Each of the lessons in these courses typically takes 60-75 minutes to complete, depending on how much optional reading and writing you decide to do. Thus, it typically takes 8 to 10 hours to complete Discovering Relational Wisdom and 12 to 15 hours to complete Relational Peacemaking.

What study pace do you recommend? We encourage you to complete at least one lesson a week to maintain momentum. You can complete a lesson in a single sitting or break it into 10-15 minute segments spread over a few days. If you need to take a few days or even weeks off, you can jump back in at any time.

How can I earn a “Pay-It-Forward Scholarship?” When you complete all of the steps in the course, you will receive one “Pay-It-Forward Scholarship” that you may give to a friend who can use it when registering for the course. These scholarships cover 50% of the normal registration fee. Although you are not required to answer the reflection, application and practice questions in the course to receive this scholarship, you will experience greater improvement in your relational skills if you answer at least half of the questions in each section of these courses.

How can I receive a certificate of completion for this course? A certificate of completion is available upon request to students who complete the entire course.

How can I take personal notes as I go through the course? Download the study and discussion questions when you begin the course and save this document to your computer, tablet or smartphone. As you go through the course, you can toggle to this download to write your personal study notes.

Technical Questions

What if I forgot my password and cannot log in? On the front page of the school, click on “Login.” On the Login page, click on “Forgot Password,” and on the next page insert your email address and then click “Send Me Instructions.” You will receive an email explaining how to reset your password.


What are the benefits of group study? Studying with others allows you to ask questions, learn from others’ experience and insights, and share yours with them. Group study also provides encouragement and accountability to keep you moving steadily through the material.

What kinds of groups can use this study? Many groups are comprised of personal friends or couples who enjoy learning together. Other groups include: elder and deacon boards, management and human resources teams, business and ministry departments, seminary classes, Bible Studies, Sunday school classes, high school youth groups, college fellowships, missionary teams and even parents and children studying as a family. The group feature can also be used for counseling married couples or individuals (see below).

Can a group study together either online or in person? Yes. Many groups study and interact entirely online. Others prefer to study individually online and then gather in person to discuss what they are learning. RW360 has produced a DVD/Flash Drive version of the teaching videos for groups that want to meet in a home, church or office where they can go through the videos and discussion questions together.

What is a group facilitator expected to do? If you originate a group, you have the option of acting as class facilitator (moderator). You are not expected to be a teacher because all of the teaching is provided through the course itself. As a facilitator, you can review others’ answers, add questions, offer helpful suggestions and set up video conference meetings. You are free to interact as much or as little as you like, and students are always able to share their thoughts and questions spontaneously through the discussion questions.

Is there a maximum group size? There is no limit to how many people you can include in a class. Although you could form a single class of 200 or more people, they would probably feel more comfortable interacting if they are divided into smaller groups of 6-12 people.

Can I set up multiple groups for counseling, discipling, conflict coaching or special training? Yes! We encourage pastors, counselors, managers, human resource staff and Bible study leaders to use this course repeatedly for marriage or premarital counseling, discipling small groups, conflict coaching or special training … or any other situation where you’d like to protect confidentiality and guide the study and application process along specific lines. When doing so, you may add custom discussion questions and case studies to every new group you create.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions not addressed in these FAQs, please email mail@rw360.org.