Application Testimonies

A Few of the Fields Where RW Training Is Being Applied

“I apply RW every day, either with church staff and volunteers, in elders’ meetings, in pastoral counseling and my sermons. I am amazed by how effective RW is for all sorts of ministry settings! While most churches in my area are declining, divided and dying, my church is growing and united. RW360 and peacemaking has kept us unified and relevant. David M., Pastor

“I’m excited to teach our employees skills that will make them more fulfilled and productive at work, and more likely to have good relationships at home. But most of all, I love the way RW opens the way for me to live out and talk about my faith in Christ.” Steve P., CEO

“I praise God who prolonged my sentence in prison and worked upon me through your course by revealing scriptures that convicted and proved me more guilty than those I was going to kill. God cleansed my heart. I forgave my accuser and plan to ask for his forgiveness when I am released from prison next month.” Businge S., Uganda

“RW360’s training is outstanding and provides an invaluable resource that seminaries can use to equip young pastors with the interpersonal skills they need to love and shepherd their people.” Dr. James Coffield, Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“Our police officers face conflicts everyday (domestics, civil disputes, accidents, death) and do it professionally. However, when it involves them personally, they often fall apart. I am pumped about the opportunity to learn, apply, and model RW!” Perry R., Police Chief

RW is a vital skill for international ministry, especially when it comes to discerning and navigating cultural differences. In addition to enhancing God/self/other-awareness, RW360’s discipleship paradigm improves leadership skills and serves as a  powerful diagnostic tool for cultural complexities and challenging ministry efforts. Jay Eastman, MTW Europe, Area Leader for Member Development

“No training program has driven home the message of loving God and loving others more than taking our school faculty through Relational Wisdom 2.0. Putting these principals into practice has made a difference and our culture is noticeably more Christ-like as a result.” John Davis, President, Heritage Christian Schools

“Two things really help me with my siblings as we home school together. The SOG plan is easy to remember and reminds me to be self-aware, other-aware and God-aware. The Seven A’s of Confession help me to admit I’m wrong when I’m in conflict.” Elizabeth, age 10 (Read what her seven siblings wrote)

“Our owners are always looking for ways to bring their Christian faith into the workplace. RW360 is essential to reaching this goal. Using simple acrostics like SOGGPS and READ, I can counsel our employees and teach them skills that help them work through difficult relational problems and promote peace both in the workplace and in their homes.” Bryan F., Corporate Chaplain

“There are daily opportunities to apply RW in our pregnancy center with the CEO, directors, nurses, volunteers, and of course the frightened women who come to us for help … often in great conflict from boyfriends or parents.” Martha H., Counselor

Relational wisdom has enhanced my work as a Christian conciliator. It is helpful in guiding discussions, reaching agreement on difficult issues, and rebuilding relationships that reflect the grace of God and his redemptive work in our lives. Dave Schlachter, former Director of Peacemaker Ministries’ Institute for Christian Conciliation

“RW is invaluable in the mission field. Nationals quickly notice relational hypocrisy of missionaries and become less receptive to the claims of the Gospel. Conversely, there is a direct positive correlation between good relationships among missionaries and long-term ministry impact…. These concepts and skills are wonderfully suited for use in Latin America. These kingdom principles could very easily be contextualized by many cultures and people groups.” Kyshia W., Missionary

“Relational wisdom has been the most helpful resource I received while preparing for the pastoral counseling course at seminary. Growing in these skills is a must for everyone entering into pastoral ministry with a longing to build relationally healthy churches in the future.” Jonathan H., Houston Chinese Church

“I was teaching relational wisdom to 1,000 officers and airmen on an Air Force base when there was a loud explosion. With all the recent shootings on military bases, you can imagine the instant fear and tension. We soon learned it was only an electrical transformer exploding. After a quick prayer, I explained how the intense “fight/flight” reaction we’d all experienced could save lives during combat … but do great damage during a marital conflict or quarrel with a teenager. Needless to say, I had their complete attention!” Dave M., volunteer chaplain

We find that clients need both peacemaking and relational wisdom so we are always combining them. Works beautifully! The practical application plans of RW give people simple ways to grow and avoid the traps that got them into conflict in the past! Bill and Peggy White, Conciliators and Trainers

“I am interested in RW because my goal is to serve people who are elderly or disabled. I also want to teach “young, healthy, and normal” people how to relate to and befriend people who are elderly and disabled.” Carter K., Nursing Student

Read Using RW for Witnessing and Evangelism to see how RW can be used for community outreach and evangelism.