Journaling RW

by | Dec 15, 2013

One of the most effective ways to improve your relational skills is to keep a journal that records your insights and lessons on how you relate to God, yourself, and others. The following list of possible content is suggestive; record only the information that is helpful to you. The more carefully you observe and evaluate yourself and others, the more quickly you will gain insights into how to improve your own relational wisdom.

  • Bible passages or stories that teach and reinforce RW principles and acrostics
  • New insights into God’s glory, character, love and purposes
  • Observations you make about your own relational inclinations and habits, including:
    • Emotions you feel frequently or strongly
    • Associated physical sensations (muscles tensing up, increased heartbeat, etc.)
    • People, events, or circumstances that trigger significant emotions or interactions
    • Desires and interests that trigger significant emotions or interactions (see Matt. 15:19; James 4:1-3)
  • Similar observations about other people, and strategies how to effectively engage them
  • Examples of other people practicing relational wisdom effectively
  • Select a specific RW acrostic, seek to practice it on a daily basis, and record both your successes and failures to apply it
  • News stories, books, movies or television shows that illustrate either relational wisdom or relational stupidity
  • Situations where you were able to share RW principles with someone; note what worked well and what you’d do differently in the future
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