Good News on Teaching Marathon

by | Sep 26, 2015

Corlette and I are deeply grateful for the many prayers that upheld us during our recent 17-day “teaching marathon” in Florida, Virginia and Alabama (Oct. 6-22, 2015).

By God’s grace, all 17 presentations—which included three Discovering RW Seminars, a seminary class, two sermons, three Sunday school classes, two workshops for counselors and teachers, three businessmen’s presentations, meetings with ministry and foundation leaders, a radio interview and a two-day couples retreat—went smoothly, without a single delay or distraction. God’s hand was clearly guiding every detail.

All-in-all, we spoke to over 2,100 people, and the feedback was delightfully positive. We already have 120 new online training registrations, most of whom are pastors, counselors and business or ministry leaders who want to apply relational wisdom to better serve the people God has placed under the care.

Many people asked whether I was weary with so much travel and teaching. Each time I simply pointed toward Corlette and said, “As long as she’s with me, I’m always home and feeling rested.” We were also refreshed by the warm hospitality and fellowship we experienced everywhere we went.

With more online registrations and speaking invitations coming in every day, we can see the ripples spreading. Thank you so very much for your support and prayers, which have played a key role in making both this recent journey and our overall ministry so fruitful.

If you don’t mind keeping those prayers up just a few more days, please ask God to be with me as I fly back to Baltimore Monday to train 110 Area Managers in Classical Conversations. They oversee 3,500 Program Managers, who serve 20,000 homeschooling families, so the opportunities for applying relational wisdom are boundless!

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