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by | Dec 12, 2021

Our ministry is dedicated to doing all we can to help alleviate the following tragedies and to strengthen relational skills in the church, but we need your help to do so.

“Two law enforcement officers die by suicide for every officer who dies by gunfire.”

This was the shocking statement that a police chaplain and instructor from the Montana Law Enforcement Academy shared with me a week ago. I checked online and saw this is true.[1]

A couple of weeks earlier, I was training a group of Army chaplains at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. One of them pointed me to an even more shocking statistic: since 9/11, FOUR service members have died by suicide for every service member killed in combat.[2]

These statistics break my heart, and recent studies indicate that they are getting worse as the stress on law enforcement and military personnel intensifies.[3] This stress also contributes to the high divorce rate in both of these fields. As one article puts it:

“Those who serve in the military have made a commitment to sacrifice life and limb for their country. Many also sacrifice their marriages at a young age.”[4]

These trends have heightened our ministry’s efforts to deliver customized training to the people who risk their lives to protect the rest of us from harm, whether on the streets of our cities or through long deployments around the world.

Police chiefs and military officers who have taken our training appreciate the fact that it focuses on the root cause of suicide and divorce: relational stress.[5] They also like the fact that it can be applied at home as well as the workplace. As one police chief put it:

“This training will certainly be useful to my officers on patrol. But it will be even more helpful when they take the badge off at home and are tempted to unload their stress on their spouse or children.”[6]

Police and military leaders also appreciate the fact that we can offer training to entire families, who can work together to reduce tensions and resolve conflicts before they lead to a crisis. Chaplains in both fields like the fact that our training is available in both faith-based and values-based (secular) formats, which gives them freedom to use it for training and counseling and often opens the door for sharing the gospel.[7]

These are just two of the areas that our ministry will be focusing on in 2022. With your support, our instructors, coaches and conciliators can also serve in several other areas.

One of our top priorities is to develop a new generation of training resources that local churches can use to establish in-house “Peace Sower Teams” that promote peace and unity by providing their congregations with ongoing education, coaching and conciliation services.[8]

Lord willing, we will also continue to work with Christian business owners who are eager to use our values-based (secular) training for company-wide professional development with the hope that their employees will not only develop better relational skills but also click on one of the many links that invite them to explore our gospel-based resources.[9]

As the COVID virus continues to mutate and spread, healthcare workers are being overwhelmed by physical and emotional fatigue. Therefore, our instructors will continue to look for every opportunity to bring our training into as many hospitals and clinics as possible.

One of the reasons that many people end up in rescue missions, shelters, jails and prisons is that they were raised in homes that failed to model constructive relational skills. We will continue to provide training and materials to the people who minister in these areas so they can help clients and inmates develop the relational skills they need to break free of past patterns and become responsible, self-supporting members of their communities.

As these diverse opportunities illustrate, our Lord’s words from two thousand years ago describe our ministry’s situation today:

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matt. 9:37–38).

As the examples above indicate, the Lord has opened up many fields where we could sow the seeds of relational wisdom and biblical peacemaking and see a gospel harvest. But we need your help.

Our revenue from live training is still below what it was before COVID hit. Therefore, we need to receive $175,000 this month to move ahead on the ministry projects described above.

Your generous gift or pledge through this link will enable us to bring biblically grounded relational skills and the gospel itself into churches, military bases, police departments, businesses, hospitals, rescue missions, shelters, jails and prisons all across the country in the coming year.

Thank you for considering this request. Your gift could make a great difference in many lives!

 Warmly in Christ,

Ken Sande

P.S. This is one of the most meaningful notes I received this year: “Your training inspired me to go and make things right between me and my dad last Friday morning. Our personal reconciliation opened the way for us to talk about reconciliation with God through the gospel. Dad died that night. I am so grateful to God for allowing us the opportunity to be reconciled. I feel at peace, and I could tell he did too.”

This is just one example of how your support for our ministry can change lives, not only in this world but also and far more importantly in the world to come.

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