Takeaways with Kirk Cameron

by | Feb 12, 2023

A few weeks ago, I once again had the privilege of being interviewed by Kirk Cameron on his Takeaways show. As always, Kirk was highly energized as we explored “wisdom in relationships and taming the tongue.”

If you’d like to see a one-minute segment of our exchange, please click here.

The entire interview is scheduled to aired Monday, February 13, at 9 pm Eastern. There are several ways that you can watch it:

Kirk is such a quick and insightful thinker that he was able to hit a wide range of key questions in a short period of time, so this is a content-rich interview that contains powerful examples of how we can harness the power of our tongues to engage difficult people wisely and constructively .

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this show, and I encourage you to forward this message to anyone you know who might benefit from hearing how the gospel of Christ can transform our relationships.

~ Ken Sande

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