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by | Dec 19, 2023

As much as Corlette and I rejoice to see people reconciled to one another through peace-making, we rejoice far more to see them reconciled to God through the gospel of Christ.

This is why our ministry is dedicated to developing resources that make it easier for Christians to share the gospel with friends, relatives and co-workers.

We began by developing resources that help believers build relationships that are so appealing that others would long for the love we can experience with one another through Christ. As Jesus promised in John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

That is what drew me to Christ. When working as an engineer, I had three office mates who were highly relational and had beautiful marriages. When I realized that the common link between these men was their faith, I began attending church, where I met the Source of their relational skills, Jesus, and eventually met my beautiful bride as well!

Even when Christians have winsome relationships, however, we are often hesitant to share our faith with others. We can live and work beside non-Christians for years without ever finding a way to talk to them about how Jesus has changed our lives.

That is why RW360 is expanding its efforts to develop resources that make it easy to start these kinds of conversations.

We began by developing a “values-based” version of our relational wisdom course, which has been used to provide training in countless secular settings, including hospitals, businesses, military bases and even to congressional staff on Capitol Hill.

Hundreds of non-Christians have studied the online version of this course, often clicking on links that say, “For a faith-based version of these concepts, click here.”

This fall we released three new courses that equip Christians to model appealing relational skills and share the gospel with others: Relational Wisdom in the Workplace, Using Relational Wisdom for Witnessing and Relational Wisdom for Unplanned Pregnancies.

Another new course called Emotional Intelligence for Attorneys is being used to teach relational wisdom and share the gospel in secular law schools and law firms. We are adapting this material so it can be taught in wider university settings to counter the unbiblical concepts that are leading so many college students onto destructive paths.

We are also excited about our new Transformed pamphlet. This pamphlet contains a clear gospel message and twelve contrasting examples that show how the gospel can radically change the way we respond to the relational challenges that everyone faces in daily life.

We gave this pamphlet an intriguing title and a striking design. Why? Because we hope that you and many Christians will take it to work and set it on your desks so co-workers will notice it and ask, “What’s this all about?”

It will be so easy to respond, “It’s a pamphlet that describes the power that totally changed my life. You’re welcome to take it if you like.”

A seed planted, and a soul introduced to Christ.

Then reach into your drawer, place another pamphlet on your desk and pray for God to bring another co-worker into your office.

Before long, several people may be interested in meeting over lunch each week to go through a group study on relational wisdom or peacemaking. Soon some of them may be placing pamphlets on their desks … and the ripples go on.

This is just one of the many new tools God is enabling us to develop to make it easier for you and other believers to share the gospel with people who have yet to meet Jesus.

Please pray for these efforts and be sensitive to the opportunities God gives you to introduce these resources to family members, friends and co-workers.

We would also welcome your support for our work through a generous year-end gift, which would help us to continue to develop these types of materials and expand our ability to serve even more people in the coming year.

Every thought, word and action for Him,

~ Ken and Corlette Sande

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PSS: If you would like to learn more about how God worked through our ministry in 2023 and is positioning us for even more fruitful service in the  months ahead, please see our 2023 Ministry Overview.

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