July 14, 2019

I’m glad to report that Corlette is doing well in her cancer treatment.

Given the type of colon cancer she has, Corlette actually had the choice between two possible treatment regimens. One would take only three months with oral chemo medication and no radiation. The other would take six months of infused chemo medication and five weeks of radiation. Each had its own benefits and side effects. Cautious lady that she is, Corlette opted for the longer treatment, which gave a slightly better prospect of no reoccurrence. I gladly supported that choice cuz I’d really like to have her around for a long, long time, as would everyone who knows her.

She had an infusion port surgically inserted last week, which went well. This port makes if far easier and safer to infuse the medication (as compared to a vein in her arm … all of which like to play hide and seek whenever they see a needle).

Yesterday she had her first four-hour chemo treatment. Thanks to God’s grace and gentleness, and the prayers of so many supportive friends, she experienced none of the unpleasant side effects we were told she could experience. No nausea, headaches or other side effects. (It looks like I will be the only one who continues to lose my hair.) We do expect side effects to develop to some degree as her treatment proceeds, but her initial response seems to indicate that those effects will not be severe.

So … she’ll have an infusion every two weeks for two months, including two days of wearing a small pump that continues infusing at a lower rate. Then twelve days of recovery. Then five weeks of less chemo combined with daily radiation. And then two more months of the infusion regimen. After that, we’ve indicated to God that we would really, really prefer not to have any more cancer in our lives … six go-arounds between the two of us seems to be quite enough. And yet God knows best.

We would of course appreciate your prayers for her treatments to go well with only light side effects, and even more so for complete healing and eradication of every cancer cell in her body … forever.

But even more importantly by far, please pray that God would use our interactions with a wide variety of medical people to open the door for the gospel. Both Corlette and I have already had wonderful opportunities to give God the credit for how serenely and confidently Corlette is walking this road. Since we’ll be interacting with a lot of these people over and over, we pray for opportunities to tell them about Jesus and his gospel, which promises that whether this cancer is gone forever or comes back next year, our ultimate hope, joy and eternal life is already secured for us in Christ.

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