Paul Cornwell

Orlando, Florida

In order to be included in RW360’s Directory, this individual has fulfilled and affirmed these training and accountability requirements.


Advanced RW Instructor, Certified RW Conciliator, Christian Conciliator

Coaching/Conciliation Focus Areas:

  • Church
  • Group conflicts

About Paul Cornwell

Paul is the co-founder of Crossroads Resolution Group and has over 30 years of ministry experience. He has planted two churches, served as the lead pastor of four congregations, and founded two ministries designed to equip and assist churches to resolve conflict biblically.

Paul was a Senior Ministry Consultant for Peacemaker Ministries, where he led mediation efforts in conflicted churches and ministries and played a key role in upgrading training for resolving organizational conflict. He is a certified as Relational Wisdom Instructor and Christian Conciliator, and is passionate about using his gifts of faith, wisdom, teaching, encouragement and discernment to mentor church leaders, promote reconciliation, and help conflicted churches and organizations regain the unity they need to advance God’s kingdom.

Detailed Biography (pdf)

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