Discovering RW 3.0 Group Study Set (Faith-Based) DVD or Flash Drive


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This set of materials is designed for an 8-9 week Sunday school class or small group study. This 8-lesson set includes videos of the 6-hour Discovering Relational Wisdom 3.0 course (which includes both bible teaching and skill demonstrations), 10 study guides, 10 summary pamphlets, a leader's guide and access to discussion questions, supplemental articles and the RW360 Web App. Most of the videos run for 27 to 33 minutes, except for the first lesson, which runs 44 minutes (and may be broken into two class sessions, resulting in a 9-week course). To preview a portion of the first lesson, click here. For ideas on how this material may be used, see Training Options and Opportunities.

The videos are available on DVDs or a USB flash drive that can be plugged directly into a smart TV. A web streaming option is also available. For more information on which version of the material (DVD, flash drive or streaming) would work best for your small groups, click here.

*A 50% nonprofit discount is available to groups that will meet under the auspices of churches, ministries and other nonprofit organizations, including schools and home Bible studies, and to individuals who plan to use the study for ministry purposes.

For groups larger than 10 people, additional study guides are available for $10 each.

If you would like lead a study with non-Christian friends or coworkers, you can use our Exploring Relational Wisdom Group Study Set, which is designed for secular settings.

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DVD, USB Flash Drive

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