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Training Resources

If you have questions about our resources and training that are not answered on this page, please email the RW Team at

[plsc_toggle title=”Why is a course of this quality so inexpensive?” state=”closed” color=”white” radius=”square”]Comparable secular programs cost from $149 to $2,000. Thanks to our ministry donors, we are able to make our training available at a far lower price ($49 individual price) so that it is easily affordable to anyone who wants to improve their relational skills and their witness for Christ. Moreover, we grant scholarships to military personnel, first responders, students and people with limited finances. We also provide special discounts for large groups. In short, we never want anyone to be deprived of our training due to financial limitations.[/plsc_toggle]

[plsc_toggle title=”Which group study resource (DVDs, flash drive, streaming) is best for my small group?” state=”closed” color=”white” radius=”square”]There are two primary ways to implement a group study:

Study and Discuss Together (DVD or flash drive): If your group prefers to do the entire study together, you could gather once a week during lunch, in the evening or during Sunday school, show the videos on a TV using the DVDs or flash drive and then discuss how to apply the principles in daily life. Students are not expected to do any advance study prior to the meeting. Students who want to dig into the material more deeply have the option of reading follow up articles that show how to apply RW to specific relational issues in the workplace, marriage, parenting, church and friendships.

Study Individually and Discuss Together (online streaming): If your group prefers to study virtually via the internet, each student can register for the online course (using group discount coupons) and study the lessons when convenient for them. The group can then meet via video conference (or in person if possible) to discuss how to apply the principles in daily life. This approach is recommended for groups that want to maximize their learning experience and skill development. Since each student has watched the videos and considered the application questions in advance, students are able to devote more time to the discussion questions and practical applications when they gather together.[/plsc_toggle]

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