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After four weeks of nonstop travel last month, I was running out of energy. As a result I was unusually apathetic as I walked into the conference center for one of my recent presentations. Not a good attitude for teaching relational wisdom. So I began to pray. “Lord, I feel lousy this morning. I’m…(Read More)

My heart is glad every time I receive an email or phone call from my dear friend, Mart Green. It’s partly because he’s always praising God for how he’s moving in Mart’s family, church, business, or the ministries he loves to serve. But it’s also because Mart ends every email…(Read More)

I recently found thirteen dogs and one cat who show us how to enjoy a peaceful holiday meal. In the process they demonstrate a central dynamic of relational wisdom (click here if video screen does not appear below). There is a beautiful story behind this creative clip, as well as an inspiring life lesson. All…(Read More)

One of the best ways to improve your relationships is to develop the habit of drawing attention to EGGs. Not the ones you cook, but the innumerable Evidences of God’s Grace that he lavishes on you and those around you … and calls you to recount to others. As David wrote: “I will give thanks…(Read More)

Jessica Long was born in Siberia … without legs. Left at a grim orphanage as a baby, she’s gone on to win twelve gold medals. I’d give her a thirteenth, in relational wisdom. Born as Tatiana Kirillovain 1992, Jessica was placed in an orphanage because of her birth defect. She was adopted by Beth…(Read More)