Five Ways to Bless Your Mother This Sunday

by | May 11, 2024

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you’re tired of doing the same “card and gift” routine, allow me to suggest something that will blow your mother (or your wife) away … something she will remember with glad tears for the rest of her life.

Since she devoted much of her life to serving you and others, here are five ways you can use the SERVE acrostic to bless her on Mother’s Day. You’ll also find two videos below that vividly highlight the incredible sacrifices that mothers make for their families.

Husbands: you can do all of these things for your wife!

If your mother is no longer alive, you can still honor her memory by sharing the thoughts described below with other members of your family.

Smile – Your mother spent countless hours looking at your face as she fed, cuddled, and cared for you. Your smile always brought joy to her heart … let it do so again this week. Get face-to-face if possible, look her warmly in the eyes and let your face show how happy you are to see her.

If you can’t visit in person, make a video call so she can see your face as you send your greetings. If you make a phone call, smile as you dial; it will change the shape of your palate and soften your voice, which can be sensed over a telephone line, sending a signal of gladness (see The Seven Benefits of a Smile).

Explore and Empathize – Mothers cherish every detail of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives, so make time for a long talk and update on your lives. But spend most of your time focusing on and celebrating her life. Ask about her past (childhood, family, fond memories, achievements, life lessons) and her present. Ask her about her favorite memories as a mother. Listen attentively for the joys, setbacks, victories and concerns that define her life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Connect heart-to-heart by using all of the seven means God has given you to develop and show empathy. Since you may never have a chance to repeat this conversation, ask her if you can record it so you can savor her words for years to come.

Reconcile – Most mothers are incredibly forgiving. So they usually cover over our sins with a blanket of love. But there may be some hurts that still cloud your mother’s heart. Pray about it; ask God to bring to mind any wrong that might still linger in her memory. If he does, go to her and confess it. A few simple words are usually more than enough for a mother, but if it was a deep wrong, make it a 7-A Confession.

Conversely, if your mother may be haunted by the guilt of something she did wrong, or may feel that there’s something for which you’ve never forgiven her, seal your reconciliation forever with the Four Promises of Forgiveness. Forgive as God forgave you, and let the peace of Christ sweep away all past offenses once and for all.

Value – Most of us have not given our mothers even a fraction of the appreciation and admiration they deserve. Catch up this week. Share some of your fondest memories of her and thank her for specific acts of kindness. Describe the character qualities and values you’ve most admired in her and explain how you’re trying to imitate them in your life.

Write these things out in a follow up letter or email so she can read and reread your words, but first share them verbally so you can reinforce them with your facial expressions and tone of voice.

Encourage – Your mother was probably your number one cheerleader, always believing in you and spurring you on. Return this kindness this Sunday by sharing memories and words that show how God has shaped your life through her legacy of love, service and sacrifice.

Words like these can “put wind under her wings” and lift her spirits every time she rereads or replays them in her mind.

I’ve included two video clips below to provide additional motivation to honor your mother next Sunday (and to persevere in your role as a mother if God has given you that calling). I hope they inspire you to look past your mother’s faults, to see the many ways God has blessed you through her, and to SERVE her without expecting anything in return …

After all, that’s probably how she’s loved you more times than you can recall or imagine.

– Ken Sande


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