Articles on Benefits of EI/EQ

These are just a few of the many articles describing studies that have shown the benefits of improved emotional intelligence in the workplace, school room, medical field, athletics, and the military.

  1. How Emotional Intelligence Affects Hospitals’ Bottom Lines (June 7, 2013): Recent studies on the value of EI in healthcare field, especially in doctor/patient relationships.
  2. Fostering EI in Medical Training (AMA Journal of Ethics, June 7, 2013): Description of cutting edge program to teach EI to heathcare professionals.
  3. Harvard Business Review: Improving Emotional Intelligence* (May 29, 2013): Concise description of EI, it’s beneficial impact in the workplace, and how to improve it.
  4. The Third Decade of Emotional Intelligence (May 29, 2013): Summary of the development of emotional intelligence from 1990, which has included a decade of discovering the meaning of EI, a decade of analytical validation, and now moving into a decade of practical application in science and practice in schools, businesses, government agencies, and healthcare organizations.
  5. Five Reasons Why EI Matters Right Now (Ashridge Business Blog) (May 24, 2013): Brief summary of benefits of EI in workplace and description of upcoming EI symposium at Ashridge Business School.
  6. Becker’s Hospital Review: Developing Healthcare Workers’ Emotional Intelligence (May 23, 2013). EI expert Harvey Deutschendorf, author of “The Other Kind of Smart,” explains the benefits of EI in the healthcare profession.
  7. Xi Jinping Commends Emotional Intelligence (May 21, 2013): reports that China’s new national leader, President Xi Jinping, recently announced, “It’s not your educational background, integrity, experience, or people you know that matters. What it takes to be a good leader is ‘emotional intelligence.’”
  8. When Emotions Are High, Intelligence is Low (May 20, 2013): Describes the benefits of EI to service providers and small business owners.
  9. Want an MBA From Yale? You’re Going to Need Emotional Intelligence (May 15, 2013): explains why the Yale School of Management (following in the footsteps of Notre Dame and Dartmouth) has begun to use EI testing to screen applicants for it’s MBA program.
  10. Firms Want Lawyers with Emotional Intelligence (May 15, 2013): Reports that law firms are beginning to explore EI as they interview potential associates.
  11. Wall Street Journal: Business Schools Testing for EI (May 1, 2013): Description of rationale behind EI testing in business schools at Notre Dame,  Dartmouth, and Yale.
  12. College Recruiter.Com: What’s Your E-IQ (May 10, 2013): Explains why “recent surveys indicate that over 71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ.”
  13. Business Insider: Why Universities are Testing EI (May 10,2013): Describes growing trend of business schools evaluating EI in incoming students and gives examples of EI tests.
  14. EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) or IQ (Intelligence Quotient): Which Best Identifies Success in Medicine (and in Business) Today? (May 4, 2013): Explains why EQ should be considered as an essential qualification for practicing medicine.
  15. Six Seconds: The Case for Emotional Intelligence*: A list of studies that have shown that EQ predicts leadership effectiveness, sales, customer service, financial wellbeing, career progression, academic achievement, health, relationships, and positive behaviors.
  16. Six Seconds: Leadership and EI*: Provides links to numerous articles documenting studies on beneficial impact of EI in the workplace.
  17. Six Seconds: Are We Wired for Empathy?*: Introduction to neurological basis for human empathy.
  18. NexusEQ: Website for global conference on EQ at Harvard Medical School on June 24-26, 2013.
  19. U.S. Airforce: EI Calls for Controlled Feelings (May 3, 2013): Explains why EI is an essential requirement for leadership in the military.
  20. EI Trumps IQ in Dental-Patient Relationships (May 3, 2013): Research showing that emotional intelligence trumps IQ when it comes to how well a dental student can both recognize and manage the general emotional states of patients, as well as navigate their own professional relationships
  21. Coaching Advice: Improve Performance With Emotional Intelligence (April 29, 2013): Explains why teaching EI can improve both individual and team athletic performance.
  22. Stress is Killing Me! Time for Emotional Intelligence?* (April 12, 2013): Excellent overview of the growing amount of stress in our world, how the brain responds to that stress, and how improving emotional intelligence can help us to reduce stress and improve job performance.
  23. University of Maine Football Completes Ground-Breaking Team Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Training Program (April 13, 2013): Describes the impact of evaluating the emotional intelligence on each member of a university football team and developing a personal, customized program for improving each player’s resiliency, perseverance, decisiveness, self-awareness, personal integrity, listening skills, and stress management.
  24. Supercharge Emotional Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence (April 10, 2013): A report on how executive coaches can enhance leadership and managerial performance by teaching emotional intelligence.
  25. Why Do Employers Value Emotional Intelligence Over IQ (April 16, 2013): A concise summary of the proven benefits of emotional intelligence and the impact they have on individual job performance and company profitability.
  26. Six Seconds: The Amadori Case (April 3, 2013): a three-year study of AMADORI, a supplier of McDonald’s in Europe, assesses links between EI, individual performance, and organizational performance. EI was found to be the major predictor of management performance, organizational engagement, employee turnover, and bottom-line profitability.
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