Peacemaker Translations

Translations of Peacemaker Resources May Be Obtained Through These Organizations

The Peacemaker

Amharic: Available through the Evangelical Theological College in Addis Ababa ( Email Frew Tamrat, the Principal, at for details. 

Arabic: Available through Jordan Evangelical Theological School (JETS), A PDF version of the book may be downloaded in either a High Resolution File (63 MB) or a Reduced Resolution File (23 MB)

Traditional Chinese: The traditional Chinese edition of The Peacemaker is no longer being published. However, copies are still available through secondary sources, such as, as of March 2023. A new traditional Chinese translation is being prepared and is expected to be published in 2025. We will provide updates as information becomes available.

Simplified Chinese: ZDL Publishers is unable to publish or distribute the book within China. However, they can provide copies through Print on Demand and ship to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and a few places in Europe. The price varies according to the number of books ordered. A single copy could run as high at US$10, plus shipping. For more information, please contact Peter McCort, who can be reached at

Czech: Copies may be purchased through Didasko Publishing.

French: Published in French as L’Artisan de la Paix and originally published by Global University. It is not currently available online or through Global University. A PDF version of the book may be downloaded here in either a High Resolution File (118 MB) or a Reduced Resolution File (36 MB).

German: Published by Betanien Verlag in Augustdorf, Germany and available through their website, The German title is Sie Ein Friedensstifter (Be A Peacemaker). The price is 13.90 Euros, or about US$17.24, plus shipping. The contact person is Hans-Werner Deppe,

Korean: Available through ( beginning at US$16.98 plus shipping. The book is also available through Korean Peacemaker Ministries: (for mobile phones), or (the website address). For more information, please contact Rev. Samuel Yeo, CEO of Korean Peacemaker Ministries, at The price is 12,000 won (about $US 12.90), plus shipping.

Polish: Available through Vocatio Publishing House, Contact Rafal Waclawik (Rights Assistant):

Portuguese: Published in Portuguese as O Pacificador. Available through Casa Publicadora das Assembleias de Deus ( The list price is 42.46 Brazilian Reales (that’s US$13.16), plus shipping from Brazil.

Russian: Available through Visson Publishing House in St. Petersburg, Russia and through their website ( in the “Interpersonal Relationships” section. The cost is 405 Rubles (US$7.29), plus shipping from Russia. The contact person at Visson is Julia Vishnivetsky, whose e-mail is Tatiana works in the sales department and can be reached at

Serbian: Translations of The Peacemaker and Leading Christians Through Conflict are available through the Baptist Theological School, c/a Dwayne Baldwin, Kolo srpskih sestara 24, Novi Sad, Serbia 21000,

Spanish: Published in Spanish under the name Pacificadores. The book has sometimes been available through (, beginning at US$18.85, plus shipping. It has also been available through Ediciones Las Americas ( for US$16.00, or 335 Mexican pesos, plus shipping from Puebla, Mexico. If the book is not available through these channels, you are welcome  to download a free PDF version of the book by clicking here.

Other Translations: For information on how to obtain other translations of The Peacemaker, contact Baker Books.

Resolving Everyday Conflict

Bulgarian: Available through New Life Publishing House, Contact Anelia Yordanova (General Manager):

Mongolian: Available through the Christian and Missionary Alliance, contact person is Mark Wood (

Peacemaking for Families

Spanish: Paz en la familia is available through

The Young Peacemaker

There are two Spanish Translations of the Young Peacemaker available in downloadable pdf formats.

Constructores de Paz (Translated by Nancy McKeeth)

This Spanish translation of the YP was developed by Nancy McKeeth, who has worked with at risk children in Honduras for many years. Nancy combined Corlette’s Parent-Teacher Guide with the Student Activity Booklets into a single volume, for ease of printing and distribution. The booklet is faithful to the YP and includes many of the the same cartoons and lessons, although Nancy made significant revisions to better connect with her young Honduran students. The booklet is in the form of a student workbook that students use as part of a class led by adult. When using this translation, adults are often encouraged to attend a separate training program to prepare to teach the YP to children. The intended age group is middle school though high school, although most students appear to be middle school age, judging from the photos. Download PDF here.

Constructores de Paz (Translated by Claudia Christen)

Claudia saw an opportunity to recreate the YP book for a generally younger audience from ages 7-12. She used the Nancy McKeeth translation book as the foundation on which to build and it covers the same territory. But, much of it has been rewritten for a younger audience. It also in a curriculum format for teachers, rather than being a workbook for students, and the units are organized as lesson plans, with various activities and suggested time frames. Each unit leads off with an “Introduction for Teachers” that highlights the main points. Claudia added different illustrations to fit her age group, although many of Russ Flint’s originals are retained. Download PDF here.

** Prices are subject to change by publishers