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Christian Conciliation Assistance

When you are unable to resolve a conflict personally and privately or with the help of your church, we encourage you to seek assistance from one of the Christian conciliation providers recommended by our ministry.

RW360’s Certified Relational Conciliators™ have been cross-trained in relational wisdom, biblical peacemaking and Christian conciliation.To learn more about how we can assist you in resolving a personal, family, church, ministry, business or legal conflict, or to submit a request for assistance, click here.

Additional Conciliation Providers

The following organizations and individuals are also available to provide biblically grounded conflict coaching, mediation or arbitration services. Each of these providers:

Handbook for Christian Conciliation

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  • Has completed the training requirements to become a Certified Relational Conciliator™, a Certified Christian Conciliator™ or a Christian Reconciler™,
  • Subscribes to and faithfully follows the principles, procedural rules and Standard of Conduct set forth in the Handbook for Christian Conciliation,
  • Is regularly involved in providing conciliation services, and
  • Is accountable to a Board of Directors or an independent training/certifying organization that follows an established grievance policy to resolve complaints based on possible deviations from the Standard of Conduct for Christian Conciliators. (Each organization will follow its own grievance policy, most of which are similar to RW360’s Conciliator Grievance Policy.)

The inclusion of these additional providers on this website does not imply that we direct, control or have responsibility for the services of these providers. Therefore, we encourage you to thoroughly explore the training, qualifications, methods and experience of potential providers before selecting the one that you believe will best meet your needs.

Conciliation Organizations

Adventist Reconciliation Ministries
Canby, Oregon

Alliance Peacemaking
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ambassadors of Reconciliation
Billings, Montana

Church Health Solutions
Forrest, Virginia

Conflict to Peace
Fairfax, Virginia

Crossroads Resolution Group, LLC
Portland, Oregon

Korean Peacemaker Ministries
Korean Peacemaker Ministries
Seoul, South Korea

Live at Peace Ministries
St. Louis, Missouri

Peacemaker Ministries
Spokane Valley, Washington

Charlotte, North Carolina

Sydney, Australia

Reigning Peace Ministries
Centennial, Colorado

Individual Christian Conciliation Providers

Tara Barthel
Billings, Montana

Frank Mylar
Mylar Law, PC
Salt Lake City, UT

Scott Owen
Gilbert, Iowa

Jeanine Parolini, Ph.D
Chanhassen, Minnesota

Jim Pluymert
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Bill Ratliff
Birmingham, Alabama

John Richardson
Kirkwood, Missouri

Gary Wright
DeBary, Florida

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