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Bless your family by learning and implementing the valuable principles found in Peacemaking for Families: the Peacemaker's Pledge, the Seven A's of Forgiveness, and the PAUSE principle of negotiation. With the help of engaging real-life stories, you'll learn how to create a harmonious environment based on basic conflict resolution skills found in Scripture. A Focus on the Family resource; paperback.


  1. Jeannette Kingrey-Clark

    From NE PA…..need help in settlement of deceased husband’s will. Is there trained Christian conflict resolution mediator in that area or in Southern Tier of New York, just 5 miles over state lines?? Husband (Paul Clark) was holding farm land contract for his oldest daughter/husband at time of his death, January 11, 2018. Remainder of payments to go to his other 7 children as their inheritance. Daughter & husband stopped loan payments shortly before husband’s death, & have since made no more payments (basically in state of foreclosure now). Husband was first widowed @ 50, 1989; wife, mother of children. Married 2nd time in 1993. Children objected with great opposition; they didn’t ‘treat her as if she exists for 8 yrs with most, & 10 by one’ (husband’s words). 2nd wife died, 2011. Mr Clark & I were married in 2013; known each other since first grade. This decision more than angered children; tried repeatedly to break up our marriage. ALL children are professing Christians; most members of Independent Baptist or Bible denominations. Daughter & husband have repeatedly refused to respond to requests on settlement of that portion of the will. They do not recognize me as Executrix of will; also ‘no longer Father’s wife’. I have retained a Pittsburgh attorney to begin effort to recover this debt for distribution to siblings as well as define other matters. It is not my interest or attorney’s to foreclose on them or place lien on property. We would like to resolve matter out of court system. My attorney sent them an initial letter inquiring as to amount still owed on loan. I have no idea on what is owed; it was between my husband & the Millers. To speak with them about this matter privately first was not reasonable or safe for me to be alone with them. Therefore, I put my request in writing……no response. Secondly, I asked my daughter to accompany me to discuss this with them. They refused to provide info, telling me they were settling matter within family, not going through estate as loan contract of 2001 stated & to which they agreed. Finally dau/husb have retained an attorney who is also a medium & lifecoach to ‘Live with Your Inner Divinity’. Attorney gave them 20 days to respond around 2nd of April. We would like to know if a qualified mediator is available in Sayre, PA or Elmira, NY or Binghamton, NY areas who would consider assisting us to reach agreement out of court system. Thanks, Jean Kingrey-Clark

    • the RW Team

      Hello! Ken has followed up in email if you have not had a chance to see that yet. Thanks!

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