The Young Peacemaker Book Set (Teacher Manual & Student Activity Booklets)


Help your children or students understand and respond to conflict in a Biblical manner with this twelve lesson curriculum on peacemaking. Each lesson is filled with illustrated stories that teach kids how to be better peacemakers among their friends, families and authorities. Each lesson focuses on a specific problem (that kids are likely to face in their own lives) and presents biblical principles of confession, forgiveness, communication and character development. Lessons conclude with "what would you do" activities and application questions. For more details, click here.

The Young Peacemaker Set includes a 200 page Parent/Teacher Manual designed in a workbook format, and the appendices can be photocopied for child or student use. Divided into three sections: Understanding, Responding and Preventing Conflict, each lesson has a goal, objectives, principle, and needs clearly outlined at the beginning, and is followed by teacher's notes on setting the stage and questions to ask.

The set also includes the Student Activity Booklets, which are provided as a digital download that allows you to download and make copies of the student activity sheets for all twelve lessons. The file also includes four printable classroom posters.

Recommended for grades 3-7, but can be adapted for younger or older students.

For more details on this material and examples of the principles it contains, click here.

A secular version of this material called Peacemakers in Training is available through the National Center for Youth Issues.


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