Seminar Host Endorsements

“Emotional intelligence is foundational to resilience in ministry. Ken Sande’s relational wisdom is biblically saturated and richly illustrated, and provides an invaluable resource to everyone in the church who cares about healthier relationships.” ­— Rankin Wilbourne, Sr. Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church, Los Angeles, CA, and author of Union with Christ.

“The ripple effect of Ken Sande’s relational wisdom training, fueled by the Spirit, will be experienced by our ministry on a global scale for the gladness and glory of God.” Susie Rowan, Executive Director, Bible Study Fellowship

“Relational wisdom equips believers to deal honestly, biblically, and lovingly with one another at work, home and in the church.” Rhonda Dailey, Director for Human Resources, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Colorado Springs, CO

“RW360 gives believers a clear picture of how to pursue spiritual maturity. It is also a great tool for reaching unchurched people in the marketplace.” Dr. David Mason Senior Pastor Green Valley Baptist Church Saint Joseph, MO.

“Ken Sande’s teaching on relational wisdom created the perfect presentation for our regional school leader’s conference. Program directors, senior leaders and board members all left the event with meaningful, biblical and relational tools to lead stronger and communicate better. It was one of the finest presentations we have ever hosted.” Jerome Bowen, Senior Director, Rocky Mountain / Western Region, Association of Christian Schools International

“The RW seminar was enormously helpful to our church. The principles were clearly explained and applied to actual life situations. The real gospel, in action in real relationships, is a beautiful and powerful thing to behold.” – Tom Holliday, Sr. Pastor, Alexandria Presbyterian Church, Alexandria, VA.

“RW360’s training is invaluable for both conflict resolution and, more importantly, conflict prevention. Building healthy relationships can save us from many hours of peacemaking!” Randall Bach, President, Open Bible Churches

“Our Marriage Ministry staff and volunteer leaders were inspired by the training on relational wisdom, which has increased our effectiveness as we lead others with greater empathy and understanding.” Gayle DiMartino, Marriage Ministry Director, Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, IL

“RW360’s training is filled with wisdom and insight as well as challenge and encouragement from the Word of God. Each person at our seminar walked away with personalized insight and gospel-driven motivation to pursue relational wisdom at home, in the church, and at work. Ken Sande’s experience on this topic is unmatched!” — Walt Nilsson, Sr. Pastor, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Lexington Park, MD.

“I have had the privilege of being a part of training pastors for the last two decades.  RW360’s relational training is outstanding and much needed.  Significant interpersonal training has long been ignored in seminary education. This course is invaluable and should be required as part of the equipping of young pastors.” — Dr. James Coffield, Professor of Counseling, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando FL

“The RW360 seminar was incredibly helpful for our church as we desire to grow in the gospel. I highly recommend hosting a seminar for your church and community.” Joey Chen, Sr. Pastor, Sunset Church, San Francisco, CA

“The RW acrostics are as powerful as anything I’ve encountered in my theological studies because they are so simple and yet so robust.” Kyle Johnson, Pastor, Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town, South Africa

“As a mentor to business executives, I constantly witness the benefits of developing excellent relational skills. Relational wisdom goes beyond emotional intelligence and greatly enhances the chances for a fulfilling and successful career.” Jeff Abbott, Convene Chair, LA County, CA

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