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Josh was slowly crumbling under a steady barrage of criticism. For a few weeks after he began as pastor, the people at his new church seemed friendly and supportive. But Josh soon discovered that many of them were perpetually dissatisfied. They constantly questioned his leadership and complained about weak sermons, unmet needs, or a lack…(Read More)

Don’t Overlook


A lot of Christian leaders are being abruptly removed from their posts these days. Pastors, seminary presidents, ministry CEOs. In many cases, they were fired without warning. One day things seemed to be going along just fine, and then suddenly they were told that “the deacons (or elders, trustees, or directors) met yesterday and decided…(Read More)

The following article is adapted from an article I wrote in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. I have revised it in light of the debate regarding Syria. While the geographical focus has changed from the U.S. to the Middle East, many of the issues and peacemaking principles remain the same. The recent…(Read More)

Preventing a Breach


I learned the hard way how easy it is to breach a dam. When I was fourteen, my dad hired a contractor to enlarge a stock pond on our ranch by building a dam. It was ten feet high and thirty feet thick at its base. As the pond filled, we discovered that the dirt…(Read More)

If you tune into Focus on the Family today and tomorrow (or visit their web site), you can listen to two conversations I recently had with Jim Daly about strengthening and preserving relationships in the home. The interview focuses in part on a book I published through Focus, entitled Peacemaking for Families. Just after the…(Read More)

100% Responsible


When my wife was an elementary school counselor, students were often sent to her office because of conflict. As they told her their stories, many of these children would go to great lengths to paint themselves as victims and others as being more to blame for the problem. Corlette would listen patiently and carefully. After…(Read More)

Penetrating Barriers


Megan had switched on a force field that put the Starship Enterprise to shame. It had been another one of our difficult home-schooling days…(Read More)