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Today you can test your relational wisdom. All you have to do is watch a three minute video clip and answer three questions. You can keep your answers to yourself, or you can email them to me for a chance to win a $150 scholarship for training as an Approved RW Presenter or Certified RW…(Read More)

In last week’s blog, we considered a neurological/emotional process known as “hijacking.” This week we will look at four steps to defend yourself from this problem. But first, let me illustrate the behavioral signs of hijacking with a short clip from the movie, Cinderella Man. In this scene, Mae Braddock is struggling with…(Read More)

When emotions rise, rational thinking usually plummets. This is why I summarized the key principles in my book, The Peacemaker, as simple acrostics, such as the Seven A’s of Confession and the Four Promises of Forgiveness, which people can recall and apply even when emotions are clouding their judgment. Having seen the benefit of…(Read More)

You’re in for a treat today. Humphrey Bogart is providing an unforgettable example of relational wisdom. His platform is Casablanca, a movie that has consistently ranked as one of the greatest films of all time. The movie is set in Morocco, shortly after the beginning of World War II. Bogart plays the role of…(Read More)