15 New Training Options and Opportunities

by | Oct 27, 2019

Including New Group-Study DVD Sets!

During a seminar in southern California, a business owner volunteered that he was “successfully failing in his business.” He explained that he employed over a hundred people in a thriving company, which enabled him to provide his employees with excellent wages, benefits and opportunities for career advancement.

Even so, he felt that he was failing the people who work for him. Worse yet, he felt like he was failing the Lord. Why? Because he knew that many of his employees did not yet know Jesus as their Savior, and he had not found an appropriate way to introduce them to the gospel.

He closed his testimony by saying, “One of my greatest fears is that I’ll stand before the Lord someday, and he’ll say, ‘I placed a hundred people under your care every day; why did you not share the good news of eternal life with them?’”

“Houston, we have a solution!”

This encounter accelerated our efforts to complete our new “values-based” resources, which are designed for use in businesses, hospitals, public schools and other secular settings.

Three weeks ago, I used our new values-based materials to teach RW to Congressmen and their staffs on Capitol Hill. Last week I taught RW to 150 Army chaplains as the first step in evaluating ways that RW could be modeled and taught by chaplains throughout the military.

Our Certified RW Instructors are using these resources to take biblical wisdom principles and the gospel itself into an even wider circle of businesses, schools, nonprofits, police and fire departments, sports camps and other secular venues (see Using RW for Witnessing and Evangelism).

Both our faith-based and values-based courses are available online at RW Academy. This makes it easy for employers to offer RW training for professional development to all of their employees, each of whom is free to choose which version to study.

Regardless of which version they choose, all students are able to view content from both courses. The two courses contain over 40 crossover links that allow students in each course to see and complete key corresponding lessons in the alternative course.

These links allow students in the faith-based course to go through a rigorous evaluation of their worldview and value systems to see if they are really living out a Christian worldview.

These same links allow students in the values-based course to learn more about a Christian worldview and see how the gospel inspires and empowers relational wisdom (details here).

DVD Sets Available for Group Study

Both versions of our basic training in relational wisdom are also available in DVD sets designed for small group studies. These sets contain the same teaching and demonstration videos that are provided through our online courses (but not all of the supplemental articles and videos available online).

The faith-based DVD set, Discovering Relational Wisdom 3.0, may be used for Sunday school classes and small group studies in the home to teach RW to an entire congregation. This material may also be used for weekly lunch studies in the workplace by Christians who want to strengthen their relational skills.

The values-based DVD set, Exploring Relational Wisdom 3.0, may be used for professional development training or brown bag lunch gatherings in the workplace to introduce coworkers to the principles of relational wisdom, explore the six primary worldviews and open the door for a discussion about the gospel.

15 Training Options and Opportunities

To learn how you can use these new resources to study, practice and share relational wisdom in your sphere of influence, click on the relevant category below.

  1. You as an Example, Moderator, Training Rep or Certified Instructor
  2. Training Your Staff in a Business, School or Other Organization
  3. Professional & Continuing Ed (Law, Medicine, Education, Finance, etc.)
  4. Counselor or Social Worker
  5. Pastor or Church Leader
  6. Witnessing and Evangelism
  7. Elected Official or Public Employee
  8. Military Service 
  9. Law Enforcement, Fire Department, First Responder
  10. School Administrator, Teacher or Coach
  11. Parents/Families/Homeschooling
  12. Seminary, College or University
  13. Nonprofit Leader, Employee, Board Member or Volunteer
  14. Missionary or Church Planter
  15. Jail or Prison Ministry
  16. RW Coaching and Conciliation (spring-fall of 2020)

For additional information about our new values-based course, DVD sets or other resources or training, please email our RW Teamr at mail@rw360.org.

We look forward to exploring ways that we can support you in using these resources to study, practice and share relational wisdom in your sphere of influence!

~ Ken Sande

Permission to distribute: Please feel free to download, print, or electronically share this message in its entirety for non-commercial purposes with as many people as you like.

© 2019 Ken Sande

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