Young Peacemaker Student Activity Booklets


12 printable booklets plus 4 classroom posters in digital PDF format - These Student Activity Booklets go along with The Young Peacemaker Parent-Teacher Manual. They include vibrantly illustrated stories and engaging activities that many children read over and over as they learn to become peacemakers. Each of the twelve 10-page, 8.5" by 11" booklets may be printed out and copied for all of the children in a particular home or classroom. Recommended for children in grades 3-7. This order also contains 4 full color posters summarizing the Slippery Slope, Five A's of Confession, Four Promises of Forgiveness and STAY Plan. The booklets cover the following topics:

  • Conflict is a Slippery Slope
  • What Causes Conflict?
  • Choices Have Consequences
  • Making Choices the Wise Way
  • Playing the Blame Game
  • Conflict is an Opportunity
  • The Five A's for Resolving Conflict
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Altering Choices
  • Think Before You Speak
  • The Communication Pie
  • Making a Respectful Appeal.

For more details on this material and examples of the principles it contains, click here.


  1. Jazmín

    Hello. I live in México. I want to now if you have the youth peacemaker at spanish. Because i understand a little English, but not My sons and Friends.

    • the RW Team

      Good morning Jazmin! We don’t have the YP in Spanish but we do have the Peacemaker if you would like to check that out.


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