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Businge Peter Simon passed the long hours in his prison cell dreaming about how he would murder the man who sent him there. But before he could put his plot into action, God intervened in a dramatic way. Here is what Businge wrote to me: Brother Ken, Praise the Lord, God is great, God is…(Read More)

Corlette and I are having an exciting time in Poland interacting with 720 church and ministry leaders from 45 European countries. They’ve gathered together for the European Leadership Forum (ELF) for a week of training, fellowship and planning on how to “renew the biblical church and re-evangelize Europe.” Although these leaders are invariably…(Read More)

Headed to Europe


Lord willing, Corlette and I will be flying to Wisla, Poland, this week to participate for a second time in the European Leadership Form. This conference gathers 700 evangelical leaders from around Europe to provide fellowship, encouragement and training to inspire and equip them “to renew the biblical church and re-evangelize Europe.” As I…(Read More)

One of the greatest blessings of my recent time in South Africa was seeing how quickly people were applying relational wisdom to vital life issues, such as social injustice, racism, family disintegration, church leadership and evangelism. I was especially impressed by the insights of Kyle Johnston, a young pastor who leads the counseling ministry at…(Read More)

RW in South Africa


I’m writing this post from Cape Town, South Africa, where I’ve been exploring ways to apply relational wisdom to some of the most challenging issues people can face. My first three days were spent teaching at a conference sponsored by Advocates Africa, a network of 300 Christian attorneys who are bringing their spiritual…(Read More)

Paul is the pastor of a church and a professor at a seminary in Central Europe … yet he is struggling to forgive a former elder who turned on him three years ago (all names are changed). Anna works with refugee teenagers who pass through her country on the way to Western Europe; she wants…(Read More)

I’m sending this post from Wisla, Poland, where Chip Zimmer and I are teaching at the European Leadership Forum. ELF has gathered 700 evangelical leaders from around Europe to provide them with a week of fellowship, encouragement, and training to inspire and equip them “to renew the biblical church and re-evangelize Europe.” This…(Read More)

Going Global


Relational turmoil is undermining the witness of Christians all around the world. Family strife and divorce, church splits, workplace conflict, lawsuits between Christians, and clashes with neighbors of other faiths weaken our credibility and slow the advance of Christ’s kingdom. You can help us reduce this turmoil and strengthen the church by supporting our…(Read More)

G’Day Mate!


I had the privilege of spending the last week with some delightful brothers and sisters in Christ “Down Under.” During my time in Australia, I spoke to the student body at Queensland Theological Seminary, taught for two days at the Acts 29 Church Planting Conference on the Gold Coast, and preached at Life Centre Church…(Read More)