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One of the most popular features of our training program is that we summarize all of our key principles in simple acrostics that can be easily memorized and applied in every day life. Here is a report from a man on how these concepts helped him to respond constructively to a frustrating spouse, a challenging…(Read More)

One of the many interesting groups I engaged during the recent European Leadership Forum was the Leaders of Christian Organizations Network. This network is comprised of executive leaders from many of the most respected Christian organizations in Europe. Prior to the conference, I asked for descriptions of the most challenging relational issues these leaders face…(Read More)

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to ask my mother and my mother-in-law to give up their car keys. Doing it with each of them on the same day (since they both lived with us) was especially difficult. Our moms loved running their own errands and driving to meet…(Read More)

Bridge of Spies


Bridge of Spies is one of the most inspirational movies I’ve seen in years. It reminds me why I went to law school — I had a love for justice, a respect for the biblical roots of the U.S. legal system, and a desire to defend those who could not help themselves. It also…(Read More)

Last week I had the privilege of reading how one of our newest Approved Presenters has been applying relational wisdom with dozens of people, including his indecisive wife, a challenging grandson, two tense business partners, and long-term clients who had dropped him as their insurance agent. I was delighted to see how profoundly his…(Read More)

One of the most dramatic reconciliations I ever witnessed involved five brothers and a sister who were fighting over their parents’ estate. Their relationship had deteriorated so badly that one brother nearly assaulted his siblings with a baseball bat. But then God did something amazing through a relationally wise pastor. I chronicled their story in…(Read More)