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One of my dearest friends and coworkers passed away ten days ago. Gary Brook had been fighting a respiratory illness for nearly a decade but had finally been approved for a lung transplant in Seattle, Washington. Just hours before his death, he and I had been planning the drive to Seattle. Gary was going through…(Read More)

What is the greatest legacy you could pass on to your children and grandchildren? Lavish Christmas presents? Money? Property? Investments? Family name? Social or business connections? Nope. None of these items is guaranteed to bless others. In fact, all of these things could become a snare or a stumbling block if your children don’t…(Read More)

In May, 2014, I learned that I have stage IV thyroid cancer. A month later, a gifted surgeon removed my thyroid and over forty lymph nodes. Radiation treatment involved swallowing a pill containing radioactive iodine and staying isolated in our basement until I stopped glowing. All went well … until October of 2016, when I learned…(Read More)

Years ago I completed a particularly sad divorce mediation. The husband had tried for years to meet his wife’s expectations, but she was adept at finding fault with everything he did. Shortly after our final meeting, I read an article in Country Magazine in which M.G. Creight described her husband with wonderfully warm…(Read More)

My mother-in-law lived with our family for twenty years. For six of those years, my mother also lived with us. Corlette and I called them “the Two Treasures.” In all the years they lived in our home, I never heard one word of criticism, grumbling, or complaining from either of them. Really. They…(Read More)

Many adult children are slapping their elderly parents these days. Not with their hands; with their words. When mom asks a question the first time, they may respond graciously. But when she asks the same question again and again, they often respond with words like these: “I already told you …” “Didn’t you hear me…(Read More)

Every relationship ends in pain. Whether it’s with a pet, a friend, or a family member. If the relationship was wonderful, we feel a great loss. If it was terrible, we’re filled with regret. There is no way to eliminate this pain … but there are ways to reduce it. One of those ways…(Read More)

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer in June and had my thyroid surgically removed. Two weeks ago I swallowed a tablet of radioactive iodine to kill any remaining thyroid cells. Late last week I had a full body scan to see if there were any other discernible tumors in my body…(Read More)

Last week I was well-served by an outstanding medical team. Over a dozen people at the Billings Clinic pooled their training and talents to repair a small hernia in my abdomen. From beginning to end, they cared for me with the utmost in professional skill and personal attention. As a result, I’m mending…(Read More)