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One of the most popular features of our training program is that we summarize all of our key principles in simple acrostics that can be easily memorized and applied in every day life. Here is a report from a man on how these concepts helped him to respond constructively to a frustrating spouse, a challenging…(Read More)

Lawyer vs Teacher


I’m not a fun person to argue with. When my pride kicks in, I find it all too easy to use my legal training to cross examine others and back them into a corner with leading questions. As you can imagine, Corlette hates it when I go into attorney mode. But God gave her…(Read More)

Four Ways to Pursue God


I fell in love with Jesus during law school. It wasn’t because law school was so difficult; it was because Jesus is so wonderful. Thanks to my mother, I’d known about Jesus all my life. But I didn’t really know Jesus. Therefore, I didn’t really love him or trust in him…(Read More)

The World’s Best GPS


How much do you trust God? Really? Do you trust him as much as a blind teenage racer trusts her seeing-eye dog? Sami Stoner lost her eyesight just as she entered the eighth grade. She had to face the fact that she would never get a driver’s license, never again do her own…(Read More)

Last week I had the privilege of reading how one of our newest Approved Presenters has been applying relational wisdom with dozens of people, including his indecisive wife, a challenging grandson, two tense business partners, and long-term clients who had dropped him as their insurance agent. I was delighted to see how profoundly his…(Read More)

Paul is the pastor of a church and a professor at a seminary in Central Europe … yet he is struggling to forgive a former elder who turned on him three years ago (all names are changed). Anna works with refugee teenagers who pass through her country on the way to Western Europe; she wants…(Read More)

Going Global


Relational turmoil is undermining the witness of Christians all around the world. Family strife and divorce, church splits, workplace conflict, lawsuits between Christians, and clashes with neighbors of other faiths weaken our credibility and slow the advance of Christ’s kingdom. You can help us reduce this turmoil and strengthen the church by supporting our…(Read More)

Use Noah’s GPS


Noah beat Garmin to the punch. Abraham got the jump on TomTom. And Moses was way ahead of Magellan. What on earth am I talking about? Navigation systems. If it’s in your car or on your phone, you know it as a GPS (Global Positioning System). It’s probably made by Garmin, TomTom, or…(Read More)

When emotions rise, rational thinking usually plummets. This is why I summarized the key principles in my book, The Peacemaker, as simple acrostics, such as the Seven A’s of Confession and the Four Promises of Forgiveness, which people can recall and apply even when emotions are clouding their judgment. Having seen the benefit of…(Read More)