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The stress on healthcare workers is increasing exponentially as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world. Even in the best of times, healthcare workers face a multitude of relational, emotional and physical challenges, including compassion fatigue, emotional exhaustion, moral distress, conflict with peers and administrators, long and erratic hours, family disruption and eventual burnout…(Read More)

Including New Group-Study DVD Sets! During a seminar in southern California, a business owner volunteered that he was “successfully failing in his business.” He explained that he employed over a hundred people in a thriving company, which enabled him to provide his employees with excellent wages, benefits and opportunities for career advancement. Even so…(Read More)

Washington DC is an interesting place, to say the least. Politics, power, money … countless temptations, continual controversy … and thousands of people whom God has graciously called to serve as salt and light in our nation’s capital. I was privileged to meet fifty of those people the first morning of my recent visit to…(Read More)

Years ago, one of my clients was in the hospital with only hours to live. He had no interest in seeing his stock portfolio one more time. Although he had spent most of his life focused on work and wealth, with death hovering at the door, dollars meant nothing. He had only one thing on…(Read More)

Cindy and Clark went to their pastor, Paul, for marriage counseling (names changed but story used by permission). After several meetings, the three of them somehow reached the inexplicable conclusion that the solution to their marital distress was to give their newborn baby up for adoption … to the pastor’s daughter and son-in-law…(Read More)

Our entire nation was stunned by yesterday’s shooting at a Congressional baseball practice. Rep. Steve Scalise was still in critical condition this morning, and three others are recovering from less severe injuries. Had it not been for the heroic intervention of two Capitol Hill police officers, we might have seen a massacre of our…(Read More)

I need your help giving away 100 full scholarships to our new online course. I would also appreciate your input as we develop 30 new Life Application Modules. Here’s the deal … 100 Full Scholarships If you know a church or ministry leader who is likely to be interested in test driving our new Discovering…(Read More)

David Mason has shown exceptional energy, creativity and effectiveness in using the both faith-based and values-based versions of relational wisdom to strengthen the church and to spread the gospel throughout his community. David is the Senior Pastor of Green Valley Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He became a Certified RW Instructor on September…(Read More)

Corlette and I are deeply grateful for the many prayers that upheld us during our recent 17-day “teaching marathon” in Florida, Virginia and Alabama (Oct. 6-22, 2015). By God’s grace, all 17 presentations—which included three Discovering RW Seminars, a seminary class, two sermons, three Sunday school classes, two workshops for counselors…(Read More)

RW in South Africa


I’m writing this post from Cape Town, South Africa, where I’ve been exploring ways to apply relational wisdom to some of the most challenging issues people can face. My first three days were spent teaching at a conference sponsored by Advocates Africa, a network of 300 Christian attorneys who are bringing their spiritual…(Read More)

Would you like to improve the relational dynamics in your church, ministry or business? If so, I encourage you to host a Discovering Relational Wisdom Seminar as soon as possible. As reported by former students, the benefits of this training include stronger friendships, healthier marriages and wiser parenting, better workplace performance, less conflict, reduced staff…(Read More)

Paul is the pastor of a church and a professor at a seminary in Central Europe … yet he is struggling to forgive a former elder who turned on him three years ago (all names are changed). Anna works with refugee teenagers who pass through her country on the way to Western Europe; she wants…(Read More)

I’m sending this post from Wisla, Poland, where Chip Zimmer and I are teaching at the European Leadership Forum. ELF has gathered 700 evangelical leaders from around Europe to provide them with a week of fellowship, encouragement, and training to inspire and equip them “to renew the biblical church and re-evangelize Europe.” This…(Read More)

G’Day Mate!


I had the privilege of spending the last week with some delightful brothers and sisters in Christ “Down Under.” During my time in Australia, I spoke to the student body at Queensland Theological Seminary, taught for two days at the Acts 29 Church Planting Conference on the Gold Coast, and preached at Life Centre Church…(Read More)

I had the privilege of spending the last three days with 200 men and women who are passionate about planting churches in southern California. We gathered at a leadership conference sponsored by Acts 29, a global network of church-planting churches. Having served dozens of churches that collapsed because of relational problems, I was grateful…(Read More)

One of the many joys I had last year was seeing my 20-year-old son teaching relational wisdom to business managers and top high school students. RW in the Workplace In November, Jeff and I flew to California, where we had the privilege of presenting a Discovering RW Seminar to twenty-five managers and…(Read More)

Learn RW Online


We are pleased to announce that both the Discovering Relational Wisdom Seminar video series and the RW Personal Study Course are now available online. These seven video presentations provide an introduction to the foundational principles of relational wisdom. When used in conjunction with the free seven-week Personal Study Course, this training can launch you…(Read More)

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Part 2 – The Challenge of Emotions Clip 3 – Fireproof: “I Want Out” Next Video: Defining Relational Wisdom   Clip 4 It’s Not About the Nail Clip 5 Les Miserables: “I Give You Back to God”  Clip 6 Spanglish: “No Space Between Us”  Clip 7 Awareness Test  Clip 8 Pursuit of Happyness: “I’m Going…(Read More)

If you tune into Focus on the Family today and tomorrow (or visit their web site), you can listen to two conversations I recently had with Jim Daly about strengthening and preserving relationships in the home. The interview focuses in part on a book I published through Focus, entitled Peacemaking for Families. Just after the…(Read More)